Saturday, May 24, 2008

Paul Fetch

If you are tired after a long day work and want some pure entertainment that would send you rolling on the floor laughing, watch the self-appointed "leader of Anonymous" Paul Fetch in the video where he claims helicopters are flying around his house and even a jet missed him... That guy is a complete lunatic that has as much to do with Anonymous as an ant has to do with the Queen of England. Nevertheless, it's hilarious, though it is not meant to be.

Scientology Blogosphere

Did I mention already that if you want to read Scientologists' blogs, the best way is to subscribe to the "Scientology Blogosphere's shared items" blogs. They'll do the work for you. The one blog that is not included, that I know, is the excellent "Scientology myths" blog, because it openly inter-act with critics.

Prescilia Presley dances at 63

Prescilia Presley, Scientologist, is 62 or 63 - yet watch her in an amazing dance performance.

Schoolboy avoids prosecution for branding Scientology a 'cult'

The teenager who was facing legal action for calling the Church of Scientology a "cult" has been told he will not be taken to court.

Court: Texas had no right to take polygamists' children.

Court: Texas had no right to take polygamists' children. "The existence of the FLDS belief system as described by the department's witnesses, by itself, does not put children of FLDS parents in physical danger," the judges said.