Wednesday, June 4, 2008

CoS holds Conference on Hate Crimes

The Cos held a Hate Crimes Conference. Over 100 law enforcement and government officials, clergy and educators attended an interfaith conference in May at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood to address the growing problem of Internet hate crime and to see how they can work together to improve Internet safety and security.

Eiser's Cultic Characteristics

Social Psychologist J. R. Eiser, has a good description of cultic characteristics that can be applied to many groups, including Scientology and Anonymous.

Christian Markert Exposed

Christian Markert, who had been making claims of harassment to his editor by the CoS and has been soliciting funds for a non-existent critical book on Scientology, is unmasked by critics.


Nice critical post illustrating the irony and contradiction between Scientology's claim and the reality. Note that a similar post could be done towards critics, as that sort of irony and contradiction is typical of all cults.

Two Funny Posts on Each Side

Two funny posts. One is from a Scientologist, Kat, contrasting a man's way of doing things, with a typical woman's way. The other is by a critic, Astrid, describing how her would-be German secret agent, supposed to control her, is to meet her. Enjoy :-)