Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hubbard's Affirmations Written by Gerry Armstrong?

L. Ron Hubbard vs A New Order (Ron's Journal 67, Black Dianetics, Conspiracy & Censoring)

On Jul. 2, 2008, I made a blog entry pointing to the strange fact that Gerry Armstrong, who made the "Affirmations" public, destroyed the hand-written original. I argued that I could not see the rational of destroying such a historical proof, especially since Armstrong was already a fugitive of the law at the time.

This makes the authenticity of the documents dubious, to say the least.

That impression is further reinforced when you know that Armstrong himself once declared: "We don't have to prove a goddam thing. We don't have to prove sh-t. We just have to allege it.”

The "Affirmations", or the "Admissions", as they are alternatively called, is a hand-written document supposedly written by L. Ron Hubbard, wherein Hubbard makes all kind of quasi-satanic affirmations.

If proven true, these would be very damaging to Hubbard and Scientology. Unfortunately, all we have is the word of Armstrong, someone who conclusively proven by blatantly violating the terms of his settlement, for which he received $800,000, that his words cannot be relied upon.

The link above points to a full scale research page documenting the possibility that the "Affirmations" may have in fact been written by non other than Gerry Armstrong himself.

ARS discussions on that page can be found here.

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Valkyrie Tops Foreign Box Office

Germans flock to see Tom Cruise's Valkyrie | Metro.co.uk: "But the public have ignored the naysayers with the film topping the foreign box office and performing best in Germany."

Screen Daily - News: "Tom Cruise sits atop the Hollywood overseas releases after the MGM/UA release Valkyrie plundered an estimated $13.2m through Fox International from 2,283 screens in 13 markets.

The wartime thriller opened strongly in all its markets, ranking number one in Germany on $3.4m from 689, Australia on $1.3m from 233 and Holland on $825,000 from 96. The film ranked second in the UK and South Korea on $2.7m"

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Medic Charged with Attempted Extortion and Forgery

Note that he was charged with forgery too, giving some indication of what the blackmail content might have been.

Bahamas medic charged in Travolta extortion plot | Reuters: "Prosecutors allege the paramedic, Tarino Lightbourne, 47, tried to extort Travolta by means of threats. They also charged him with forgery."

Bahama Cops: Obie's Still in Our Crosshairs - TMZ.com: "As TMZ first reported, the subject of the alleged plot is NOT a photo. Rather, it is a document."