Monday, June 16, 2008

Whatisanonymous - Yet another anonymous site. However, the site has not been updated since April 13 and many pages are under construction, indicating that the author has either lost interest (like many anonymous) or did not have time to maintain it anymore. Some of the static information may however be useful.

Anonymous Moons Scientologist

Barbara Graham reports "epic amusement" at the June 14 San Diego protest, led by Paul Fetch (!). This is an excerpt from her account:
"a guy gave our photographer a flier. It was about anonymous. It was all lies. ... A swarm of anon went down the street and found the perpetrator, a pore little ol' lady from the org. She was little. She was old. She had a big ass stack of fliers that she probably didn't get to distribute, cuz we were on her like white on rice, and she did a beeline back to the mothership. A guy mooned her and flipped her off simultaneously on the corner of Broadway and 4th. ... I'm sorry, it was a hairy, unattractive pink booty, but we laughed. A few anons stuck with her, following her to the org, and a bunch of us cleaned up our detritus and did a parade walk around downtown. That was epic amusement! ... Saw the woman who had been handing out the lying ass "what is anonymous" faq whining to the police."
A Scientologist posted another account of the incident:
"the stunt you lowlifes pulled yesterday was even worse than the usual from bottomfeeders such as you and your tag-alongs ... Just so you know, the police received 4 calls from non-scientologists complaining about the harrassment the large group of masked hoodlums was pouring onto one lady (much younger than you Barbie) The group started out by surrounding her (20 or more of them and one of her), and ended with about 6 following her all the way up the street, taunting her (for about half a mile). On the way BA ing her, etc. You guys don't have to pass out anything really. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Now, San Diego knows how cuel and evil you really are. By the way - young Asian guy with the glasses. How would your parents like it if they found out what you did to this lady? How would any of you like it if that was your mother? Shameful scum - all of you."