Monday, June 23, 2008

Dr. Drew Pinsky is on a Roll

"Dr. Drew Pinsky is on a roll. First, he hypothesized that Tom Cruise joined Scientology to cope with memories of a dark childhood. Now he's implying Angelina Jolie is still using heroin. "Is she in recovery?" he says. "If she's in recovery, I don't see any evidence of it because people in recovery invest themselves in simple, selfless acts of service, not global self-serving acts." So let's break this down: adoption of Third World children = heroin addict."

Cruise Still the Most Bankable Star

“Love him or hate him, he has a strong claim to being the most bankable star over the past twenty years.” While there’s no way to know if he will continue to be the most bankable star for the next thirty, what’s clear is that contrary to all the negative press (e.g., couch-jumping, attempts to be "down" with Kanye West, Scientology...) Cruise is still the safest bet in Hollywood."