Monday, July 21, 2008

4Chan featured in The Guardian

After getting featured in two of America's heavyweight publications, Times Magazine and The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, UK, runs an article about 4chan. It is no quite as extensive, though, and just repeats many of the elements that already figure in the two US magazines. It only adds the latest 4Chan prank - the messing up of Google Trend - and gives some further detail on how the Swastika incident was brought about:
"It appears that a post on 4chan instructed people to Google '...#21328;'. When thousands did, they discovered that it was a piece of code which, when processed by a web browser, translates into a swastika".
Note that apart from this prank, the Guardian is just as silent as the the US magazine regarding 4Chan as the origin of Anonymous protesting Scientology.

Noelle North acting like a child...

This video was commented by critics as "nauseating", because Noelle North who was trying to enforce a "no anonymous" sign plays in it, but in fact, it is a very neat little sketch and Noelle North really plays nicely in it. Totally enjoyable.

Beck - Timebomb Music Video

A net piece of choreography