Sunday, November 9, 2008

Trend of Protests

Statistics about numbers in protests have become difficult to gather in view of the fact that Anonymous does not tally them anymore (I guess they are not as proud as they were in the beginning when the numbers were spectacular and they built up detailed statistic pages). You only get figures mentioned in individual reports, when they are mentioned at all. You can also guess figures from photos. Not surprisingly, the later are considerably lower than the figures announced.

Today I see two posts in ARS with figures. Those for Toronto and Phoenix. In the meantime I also see that the whyweprotest forum, that was down, is now back on line, but for lack of time I will focus on the two ARS posts only.

The trend of these two would reflect the world-wide trend, except that this world-wide trend would be somewhat lower in percentage since many locations have crashed down to zero since quite a while ago.

Here is the graph for Toronto (click on the graph for a larger view):

What this shows is that the big initial numbers have completely crashed and only a few hardcore members are left to protest every month. Part of these are OG who were already protesting before Anonymous.

Note: The source for these stats are the same as the one used for my July computation, plus information culled from,, and ARS. In some cases I had no indication (either because numbers were not reported or because I had no time to chase them up) so had to make an average or had to make an estimate based on photos. For Toronto, I had to do this for the month of October, where the maximum numbers of people I counted on the photos was 9.

By all means, if you happen to read this and have better information, kindly leave me a comment and after checking it will adapt the figures if necessary.

The ARS post where I got my number for November is to be found here. 10-15 was reported, so I took the average of that.

Here is the graph for Phoenix:

As you can see, a similar pattern is reflected: from June onward, the numbers are hovering within the same range, representing the hardcore of members dedicated enough to go on protesting every month.

For Phoenix, I had to take an average for August. I also found unlikely that there were no protesters for July (as reported in Anonymous tally) so I took an average for that month too. The ARS post for November is here, and the first photos are here (showing only one protester out of the supposed ten, most probably OG Jeff Jacobsen).

As noted before, this is only a pattern in those town that maintained regular protests. Many town have crashed down to zero at some stage or another and have remained to the ground since then. The graph of the world-wide crash would therefore be much more pronounced.