Monday, March 16, 2009

Administrative Court of Berlin Orders Immediate Removal of Anti-Scientology Posters

On Jan 24, 2009 I blogged about the anti-Scientology posters in front of the CoS in Berlin: "Another act of discrimination towards Scientology by the German authorities. Government agencies have no business using public resources to take side in controversies regarding matters of personal beliefs."

I am pleased to see that this was exactly the opinion of the Administrative Court of Berlin who declared that the district of Berlin violated their duty of neutrality. The Court ordered the immediate removal of the posters.

I personally think there also should be administrative penalties towards those responsible for this obvious act of discrimination.

Anti-Scientology Plakataktion der Stadt Berlin mußte umgehend entfernt werden | Politik - Gesellschaft & Soziales - OA News: "Das Gericht führt weiterhin aus, dass die Bezirksverwaltung ihre Neutralitätspflicht verletzt hat und eine derartige Aktion gesetzlich nicht gerechtfertigt ist. Das Berliner Verwaltungsgericht ordnete die sofortige Entfernung von Anti-Scientology Propaganda vor der Scientology Kirche Berlin an."

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