Friday, November 26, 2010

Mind-Blowing Willow Smith

Where do all these kids come from? It's like raining small bombs of concentrated talent! After Jackie Evancho, now Willow Smith? I was blown away by Willow's appearance on Ellen. What a performance! What a personality in the interview! WOW!

Now for something different. Where in the world does OK Mag take that Willow is a Scientology kid? She isn't. The Smiths are not Scientologists. OK, they are friends of the Cruises and use some Scientology techniques in their school but they are not Scientologist. I don't follow much these things today but at least I know that.

Anyway, if Willow was an example of Scientology tech, then we should all plunge head first into it. But she isn't. She is just a high concentration of pure and unadultered talent. Absolutely amazing!