Saturday, June 27, 2009

Death of a Fallen Angel

I remember the first time I saw Michael Jackson. It was on TV at home, though at the time I was working in the Scientology Saint Hill organization in England. The clip was Don't Stop and it had some kind of Susan Boyle effect to it in that I was wondering what this guy was doing with this strange look and voice, even though he was the lead singer of the Jackson Five - until he started to dance... The whole thing blew me away and I became an instant fan. I still think it is one of his best clip and dance performance.

Michael then resurfaced with his amazing new look in a clip with Paul McCartney, then of course with Billy Jean, and reached the peak of his career with the ensuing Beat It and Thriller. The top for me was seeing him in a Brussels cafe video fly away into his famous Moonwalk, that, in my opinion, best epitomize Michael ethereal, angelic, character...

As early as Beat It, however, I started to become less of a fan. Michael was obviously a kind, sensitive, and angel type - yet, from Beat It on, he tried to be bad, rough, and a devil type - for reasons best known to him alone. This definitely did not fit him well, and he never regained the success he had back then, even though of course, he was still dancing like a God and was from then on a living legend.

That really... beats me... Had he remained true to himself, the way he was rather than trying to become something he obviously was not, his star would have shone much brighter, much higher. It is not for nothing that the best videos and performances from him, apart from Don't Stop, was the live version of Billy Jean and the tektonic dance he performed in Moscow. That was the real Michael, the real genius.

However, his talent was such that even though being a fallen angel, his light was still shining through, and he will remain imprinted in the collective memory in an indelible manner.

Thanks, Michael. In spite of all, you did bring a tremendous inspiration and message to Humanity. It must not be easy to be taken away just when you were ready for a come back after years of hard work, but maybe there is some sort of message in that as well? Rest in peace and may you find up there the match and reward for all your highest aspirations.

Michael was for a time married to Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis and Scientologist, and it was rumored that the collapse he had at the time was due to him going through the Purification Rundown. This is most probably true. Would Michael be saved if he had become a Scientologist? We will never know - just like we will never know what would have happened had he gone through his come back-show in London. By all mean, I did share his opinion 100% about Diversity, the winner of Britain's Got Talent, whom he wanted to feature on that show. That was the last I heard from Michael. There may be more, if the album he probably finished before he died would ever come out...