Monday, July 28, 2008

Anonymous Wants No Heroes

For the first time Anonymous see through "Old Guard" bullshit.

Tory/Magoo is a very active and vocal Scientology critics and, though she does make a good few points, is virtually a paranoid loon who sees "OSA" and "Bill Yaude" at every corner and has repeatedly made a fool of herself accusing her critics of being OSA. I gave a very mild live example of this on this blog here. She is also loose with facts, as in a recent example when she ridiculously "felt" that a container in the wood was "full of PC folders".

For some time she has been treated as a celebrity by uncritical anons, asked for autographs and paid free trips around the world at their expenses!

Things changed, however, when her true nature came out during a confrontation in the "thunderdome", a sort of "bull baiting" place within where anything goes. In spite of being fully warned about the rules, she became offended and started her litany of "OSA, OSA, Bill Yaude, OSA" against participants in the dome. Here is a good summary of what happened. The worst of course was when she incited her friend Tom Gorman, a bully and a thug, to physically threaten the person they thought was responsible for insulting her, and when she made the incredible mistake not to dissociate herself with his actions.

After much debates, Anonymous finally saw through that particular bullshit and issued an unofficial official statement to distance themselves from her. Their insight through the whole affair is remarkable, even though they still attribute the cause of her behavior to the wrong cause. It is the first time Anonymous see through the countless BS the OG is throwing at them. As such, I consider the following statement as a milestone, in par with the original Anonymous "Message to Scientology" that started it all: "

"(As a disclaimer this applies only to Tory and not to other members of the Old Gaurd. We consider each member of the OG on a case by case basis.)

Dear Tory:

We, the faceless members of anonymous do recognize and commend your years of efforts and successes in fighting the Scientology cult. We are appreciative of the support you have given to the chanology effort.

However, this does not exempt you from being responsible for your actions.

Your recent behavior concerning the Thunderdome and Tommy Gorman incidents have given us an opportunity to observe certain character traits that admittedly few of us had really suspected. Specifically, your deceitful and manipulative ways.

It is now clear to us that although you have left the Cult of Scientology and protest against them there is still far too much Hubbard Tech floating around in your brain. We could overlook this in light of your 30 years in the cult, however, we cannot overlook your utilization of tech against members of anonymous.

Specifically, you have used Dianetics against one of our members. You have lied about the situation, manipulated those who care about you, and shown a lack of remorse for anything other than getting caught. You have unrepentantly and hypocritically used the very LRH tech you claim to so abhor. This has resulted in another long time Scientology protester bullbaiting a member of anonymous and issuing threats of real life violence. This has jeopardized the movement and created numerous schisms. This is completely unacceptable. We will not forgive this, nor will we forget.

Henceforth your quasi-celebrity status within anonymous is terminated. We will no longer offer you aid in any form. The time of anonymous giving you financial aid for travel is at an end. The time of anonymous spreading your videos and story virally is at an end. The time of Anonymous spreading the red carpet to you wherever you go is at an end. At this time no apology or restitution is possible nor desired. You have already wasted your oppurtunity to make amends for deadagenting an Anonymous. Your pathetic attempts at a weak and insincere apology smacks of attempts to "sweep this under the rug". This is a tactic utilized by Scientologists, not by anonymous. Your belated apology is moreover an insult to the intellect of rational people.

You are still welcome to appear at Anonymous protests and pickets and we will not ask you to leave. You are a useful tone 40 face for the media, (although not the only one in the LA area) and we recognize that. However, we recommend that in your future contacts with the media you learn to keep your story straight. Instead of being a beloved person to us, you are now just a resource, and one that must be monitored carefully. Your actions have caused this outcome, and nothing else.

In recognition of your long years of campaigning against the Scientology cult we issue you this fair warning. Should you ever seek to persecute, manipulate, or request money from Anonymous ever again we shall call down the full power of the Internet haet machine upon you. You needn't doubt the veracity of this statement. Our more chaotic elements (the *chans especially) would consider you to be the juiciest lulzcow to be offered up in some time.You are a juicy target because you possess an overinflated sense of self-importance combined with paranoia and over-reactionary ways, traits that are prevalent within the cult of Scientology. We respectfully suggest that you seek professional help in properly deprogramming yourself, as it appears
you still have a long way to go before you can declare yourself healthy. Else, you may one day learn the true meaning behind many of our "lulzier" slogans.