Saturday, October 2, 2010

Eco Cultists Blowing Up Kids in a "Good Cause"

YouTube - Leaked Eco-Terror Commercial (No Pressure):

I am definitely an ecologist at heart - been helping the ecology movement at its outset 30 years ago, always vote for the green list, etc - but I am truly worried by people who claim to be sensible to nature and find it "extremely funny" to blow up dissenting kids in a gory video to promote their views. Has the green movement turned into a fanatical cult? At least some green activists certainly did turn into cultists of sort, as they have all the sign of it - fanatical to the point of losing any sensitivity and finding "funny" to blow up kids for a "good cause".

I am sorry but this is absolutely wrong and I am deeply offended by what I consider a treason of my own ideals. If anything, that video makes me want to start my own oil factory just in reaction.

Nor do these activists seem to get "why" so many people find that video totally repulsive. As an "apology" on their web site they write: "Many people found the resulting film extremely funny, but unfortunately some didn't" - proving that they themselves are in the mentality I wrote above ("many... extremely funny... some... not"). Incredible, they just don't seem to get it (another sign of true cultism) - plus they end up as if all of the fuss was just a non-important mistake, dealt with just by "moving out".Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Anyway... Hopefully they'll make a deeper realization, because the cause they are defending is of course well worth it - one more reason to avoid this kind of super foot bullet.