Friday, January 2, 2009


My post entitled Comments Shed Light on Low Numbers has received a lot of visits and comments as it has been featured both on ESK and WWP.

Since I am still trying to keep comments on-topics for each blog entry, and since the discussion inevitably got down to what are my evidences for calling many of the OG allegations Myths, I am now making an on-topic blog entry here so that whoever can comment on my myth pages if they feel like it rather than on the Low Numbers page.

Here is what has been posted at the end of that comment section:
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bernie, can you VERIFY or provide evidence that these OG allegations are indeed nothing more than "myth?"

January 2, 2009 12:50 AM

Blogger Bernie said...

I have a whole Myths section on my web page.

A particularly good page that bundles many of what I consider myths is to be found on a page I wrote about The Three Types of Myths.

Another good approach, and a fairly popular page is a live example on how critics introduce Scientology to newbies, spinning many of these myths.

January 2, 2009 1:28 AM

Blogger Bernie said...

If you want to comment on the myth topic, kindly do so in the comments section of a blog entry I created just for that purpose, and aptly entitled "Myths".


January 2, 2009 2:02 AM


The Modus Operandi of Mystery

L. Ron Hubbard. Philadelphia Doctorate Course 24 What's Wrong With This Universe - A Working Package For The Auditor.
You will notice the modus operandi of mystery in this universe. You see, it doesn’t happen to be a pattern for all universes, fortunately, but the modus operandi of mystery is simply to hide nothing.

Lord Dunseny tells one of the most wonderful stories about a monastery which was scheduled to fall one day, and this monastery was up on a high hill and there was a rumor and a legend had gone forward for many centuries that on a certain day the monastery would fall. And uh… the day came, and one of the peasants in the valley walked up to the monastery and walked in the front gate. He was quite astonished to find no guards on duty because the guards were back in a corner of a courtyard weeping because that day the monastery was scheduled to fall.

And so he walked on through to an inner chamber and he was not stopped because all of the guards there were weeping ‘cause the monastery was scheduled to fall that day, and he walked on into an inner sanctum and an inner sanctum sanctorum sanctorum plus, and uh… finally came down unguarded corridors to the largest central room of this entire place where the mystery of all mysteries of all mysteries was kept, and here behind, at the far side of the room… obviously, the mystery was behind these huge black curtains, and he walked over and he looked at the curtains and he thought, „Well, it’s a very adventurous thing to do,“ but the monastery was scheduled to fall that day, so he adventured to do it. And he reached up and he pulled the curtains down and there was nothing there. And the monastery fell that day.
Comment by Check Xenu:
What happens when Pre-Clears pull down the curtain? Dianetic Clear
You mocked up your own reactive mind.
What happens when Pre-OTs pull down the curtain? Operating Thetan VIII
- You mocked up your own past lives.

Hubbard went to a lot of effort to hide nothing, convince people it was really something, and get them to pay to discover it was nothing to begin with. The weird thing is how he confuses them so badly that by the time they pull down the curtain, they are ready to accept the nothing they find as if it were something valuable... well... at least until their "psychosomatic ills" return.
You know, the definition of a Static is ... nothing!

And the aim of Scientology is to bring you back to this Native State...

So there... You are warned right from the very first axiom of Scientology ;-).

Celebrity Scientologists Highlights of 2008!

Celebrity Scientologists: Celebrity Scientologists Highlights of 2008!

Holocaust 'Greatest' Love Story a Hoax

Holocaust 'greatest' love story a hoax -
Oprah Winfrey once dubbed it the "greatest love story" she had ever heard: a boy held at a Nazi concentration camp during World War II and a girl on the outside who tossed him apples to keep him alive. They eventually married and grew old together. [...]

But over the weekend, Herman Rosenblat issued a statement through his literary agent, Andrea Hurst, acknowledging the story of how he met his wife was made up.
I am really pissed about this, though I am not sure why exactly. Might be that the fact my father was a concentration camp survivor himself may unconsciously kicks in.

Of course the guy wanted to do good, and he followed a strong dream he had with his deceased mother giving him a message to pass on his love story over the world, but really, what a BAD BAD idea!

I can understand the years of guilt the guy must have felt seeing how the whole world would be enticed by his story, knowing that it simply wasn't true. I am glad he finally came clean about it, but that does not seem to ease off too much of the upset.

Please don't do it. Don't use fabricated or strongly embellished stories, either positive or negative, to promote a "good cause". It removes credibility to whatever truth may be to valid and legitimate criticism once the hoax is revealed. In the present case, revisionists may even use it to bolster their denying that the holocaust ever existed.

The reason I am not tagging this story as off-topic is because of this, and I hope you will see the connection:
Many Holocaust scholars had long cast doubt on the Rosenblats' story.

Professor Ken Waltzer, the director of Michigan State University's Jewish Studies program, said he began raising questions to the agent and publisher in November, suggesting that the story was fabricated. But he says his numerous queries went unanswered.

He says he told the editor that the story is "at best embellished and perhaps invented."

"The idea of a prisoner being able autonomously to approach the fence not just once, but every day at the same time, ... none of it seemed plausible," Waltzer says. "That fence was right next to the SS barracks, so to go to the fence, which was also punishable by death, was to risk death."

In a letter to "The New Republic," which first began questioning the validity of the Rosenblats' story, Waltzer said he was also disturbed about why few others had come forward to point out holes in the couple's account.

"Less understandable is the widespread belief in their story -- by the culture makers, including the publisher and movie maker and many thousands of others who have encountered it over a decade," he said. "Second, such belief suggests a broad illiteracy about the Holocaust and about experience in the camps -- despite decades of books, serious memoirs, museums, and movies. This shakes this historian up."

"This memoir was at the far end of implausibility, yet until yesterday, no one connected with packaging, promoting, and disseminating it asked questions about or investigated it. Some actively resisted such investigation and tried to shut mine down."
Worst even:
New Republic special correspondent Gabriel Sherman told CNN another disturbing element is that Herman Rosenblat really is a Holocaust survivor who "didn't need to embellish his love story, because his own story is so powerful."
If you feel that you have something to tell, by all means please do so, but please try to refrain from temptations of bringing in adornments that grossly distort reality (or worst even completely make up stories) because you think your story is not powerful enough on its own.

Ultimately truth is on its own the most moving and powerful story there is, and this is one of the reasons I like Kendra Wiseman''s story best among several ex stories I read. It has the right balance of pro and con, consideration and criticism, drama and perspective. The fact that it is masterly written doesn't hurt either.

BRINGING DOWN THE HOAX - I know the link is in the comments but sometimes people don't check out comments. Interesting backstory of the backstory, and an enjoyable read. Also, I believe the guy, for what it's worth.

Second Chance Tries to Garner Support

Rehab Center Tries To Garner Support: Letters Sent To State Legislators
On Wednesday, [Joy Westrum, president of the soon-to-be evicted Second Chance rehabilitation program], sent out an e-mail to several state senators and representatives asking them to "encourage the mayor and the city of Albuquerque to do everything possible to resolve any legitimate concerns regarding the lease with Second Chance" for the old West Side jail building. [...]

Judges, law enforcement officials and elected officials have been critical of the program for its unconventional treatment methods, its unwillingness to disclose financial information and its alleged ties to Scientology.