Friday, July 25, 2008

Tommy Gorman Assaults Anonymous

Tommy Gorman is an angry Scientology ex-members and a thug whose offensive action against individual Scientologist can be seen in this video.

Gorman has now turned his "special skills" against some anonymous members themselves and they are not happy about it. Indeed, at the instigation of Tory/Magoo, he physically threatened an anonymous and his family.

Rather than apologize, he was proud of what he had done and issued more threads towards other anonymous for the upcoming protest in August.

A summary of the initial thread in enturbulation can be found here.

Note also the dishonest reporting by Tory Magoo. She dismissed the abuse as just a "serious talk" and tried to turn the reason Anonymous is angry with her as the fact that the anon member apologized - not the fact that he was physically manhandled by her personal thug.

OG Behaving Like Rock Stars

The "leaderless" anonymous movement of course has its leaders. They are called OG, for "Old Guards". Anons swallow whatever is to be found on their so-called critical web sites and listen to them for direction.

Now some of these OG behave like rock stars, signing autographs to their flock of anonymous admirers and enjoying free trips around the world paid by anonymous!!! They even lectured their obedient folks during their big flop National and International event, the "over 9000 anons" March in DC, attended by less than 200 followers!

Harassing Individual Scientologists

Another example of Anonymous "protest" of Scientology, just harassing individual Scientologists. The guy even boasts about the fact that the last time he "protested" Scientology by stalking a pretty gal for two hours, the police did not arrest him but simply sent him away.

Ex-Scientologists New Web Site

The ex-Scientologists message board is a forum that gathers to ex-members (though many posters are not ex- at all). It is created and "policed" by one "emma", who makes sure that all on the board cry in the same direction (banning those who don't). The forum now has its own web site, or more exactly, the forum is now just the forum part of a larger web site.

The new site is nicely organized, with the particularity that it works primarily as a database. Even pages on the site are just items, and they can be sorted by alpha or by number of hits. That's the nice part of it.

Otherwise, the site site is 100% anti-cult oriented and does not bring anything new. It basically is just another rehash of what you will find through zillions of so-called critical web sites.

Anonymous not Getting any Press

Anonymous has big problem getting any press those days. Apart for their usual propaganda rag, such as Glosslip or HyndiMedia or the -ist series, they aren't getting any press at all. Their big National and International March in DC didn't get even a single article, anymore than their latest protest on July 12. Even their bloated incident where they exploit little girls to try and blame Scientology didn't get credible enough to gain coverage. They are being ignored, not taken seriously, and their number are crumbling down fast. Even major articles that recently appeared about 4chan didn't say a word about their Scientology protests. They now have to resort publishing their own article, such as this one to get any coverage at all.

Daily Argus Hamilton

"Iraq endorsed Barack Obama's plan to pull all U.S. troops out of Iraq in sixteen months. The candidates have similar plans. John McCain favors pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq in sixteen months, if time's still measured in months a hundred years from now."