Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jodhi Meares Seeks Comfort in Scientology

James Packer, the Australian billionaire, may have left Scientology, but his ex-wife, Jodhi Meares, seems to take comfort from her divorce in the Church.

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The Thunderdome

Another way information is manipulated on, in addition to arbitrary banning, is to send threads to the "Thunderdome", a section on where anything goes and where the goal of posters is to seriously disturb the mental peace of anybody, using gory pictures and wild accusations. The thunderdome's effect is describe by this French girl who made the mistake to follow her thread in there. It also is the source of the incident that led Tory/Magoo to incite her thug to physically threaten an anon after he had insulted her in the dome.

Not surprisingly, many of the threads and posts that are being sent to the thunderdome, where normal discussion is virtually impossible, are simply threads and subjects anonymous is uncomfortable with (being unable to live by their free speech moto) but which could potentially develop in interesting discussions. This is confirmed by one of the participants:
"Yes, some interesting threads were sent there to die that could actually have engendered some good conversation and, indeed, actually were doing so. Perhaps it was truly the best call as flaming was taking place but thing is, if you don't have the ~right~ POV there, to the TD you will go."
Needless to say, declaring someone a "troll" or "OSA" is a favorite tactic of critics to get rid of dissenters, and in any moderated forum ran by critics this is exactly what happens. Even ARS has its list, that demonstrates how simple dissenters are so labeled. The only difference is that critics cannot apply it since ARS isn't moderated (and is the reason why the most interesting discussions still happens there rather than in moderated fora).

Daily Argus Hamilton

"Condoleezza Rice told Iran Monday to get serious about ending its nuclear enrichment program. She's not kidding. The only reason the United States hasn't invaded Iran is because the president keeps text-messaging the go-order with his television remote"