Friday, July 4, 2008

Beck New Albums is Out

Beck new album is out. Not to Pass Judgement "is not there to pass judgment on celebrities, so we don’t care if they are Hindu, Christian or into Scientology."

David Feherty Regrets Savaging Tom Cruise

David Feherty, the former professional golfer who now works as a writer and broadcaster and who savaged Tom Cruise because he said depression was best cured by physical exercise, now says that part of his reaction was due to the fact that
"if I kicked the hell out of Tom Cruise, I'd feel a lot better about myself"
That may also be partly why celebrities are so easy targets for so many.

Increase of Neutral Sites on Google Top 10 on Scientology

Google top 10 on Scientology used to be replete with critical web sites. Now only and remain. A good trend is that relatively neutral web sites now figure prominently on the top ten: Wikipedia (which is even on 2nd place now ahead of, (4th), and (5th). The rest are official Scientology web sites (four in total).

Head OSA Netherlands wild screaming running into nearby police department

After mooning old ladies and chasing Scientologists with loudspeakers on the street, here is another example of what Anonymous find "lulz" in their "peaceful protests":

"Today anonymous Holland set up an Epic event. For a new TV program "cuffed" the Head of OSA was set up to be handcuffed out on the street.

However Julia Rijnvis by accident found out that she was going to be handcuffed in a second and ran away (while loud and wild screaming) into the nearby police departement.

Of course the whole team of the National TV station ran after her to film the whole thing, even within the police department.

Still 10 minutes of wonderful material. :) There.

The name of the TV show is called in dutch "boeiend" which translated would mean "chained" of "something which attracks a lot of attention". The whole show is about chaining someone and then someone runs away with the keys of the handcufs. The person will not be freed untill certain questions have been answered by the person chained. This all is recorded on the camera of the dutch national TV station KRO.

Wonder when the first youtube video's of this event will appear.
In fact the youtube video's may never appear. After OG started to object to such tactic in ARS, Anonymous started to back pedal on their bicycle and claim they had nothing to do with it, even though the initial message clearly indicated it was something they themselves setup. Here again we see the Anonymous policy at work: "Good is us bad is not us". How very convenient.

Will Smith Gives Gift Card for Personality Test

Will Smith claims he is not a Scientologist and that his upcoming school, though using Scientology Study Tech method, is not a Scientology school. Nevertheless, after shooting finished on Hancock, he reportedly gave crew members a gift card for one personality test at any Scientology centre. This may still not mean that he is a Scientologist himself, but it is pushing it a bit.

Anons Increasingly Ignored by Scientologists

Anons are increasingly getting quietly ignored by Scientologists.

Anonymous didn't manage, in months of widely published protests, to change a single thing within the CoS or make a single Scientologist blow.

The protests were meant to decrease the number of Scientologists, but what is occurring in fact is that it is the number of anons that are quickly decreasing.

This post reports how Scientologists are just quietly sitting outside, in the midst of protests, maybe just getting their lunch break.

Observe the answers in the thread that claim Scientologists are "ordered" to this or that, as if they had no volition of their own and could only be ordered to do things like a robot. The photo on its own already belies such assertions.

In spite of the prodigious patience they display, however, Scientologists sometimes react not in an appropriate manner, as in this example when a Scientologist slaps the mask of an anon who was mocking him as he was cleaning up insulting inscriptions anon had been writing on the sidewalk in front of the Org.

Anons of course repeatedly try to provoke such incidents so they can claim clams are evil and they are the good "guises" who do nothing more than peacefully protest.