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I now created a Magoo category because I intent to make a web page with this story.

Magoo's False Justification

Scanning through Tory Christman, alias Magoo, Youtube page, I can only assume that what is below is her answer to the allegation that she lies about presenting only part of the story. It is an assumption that needs to be made since Magoo is actually deleting messages that question her on this point, and bans the posters raising such question!
"I was "in" C of $ for 30 years....and fought the entire "Church" re medication. Yes, I made an affidavit saying I FINALLY won, and the entire "Flag Land Base" was corrected on their confusions re medication. However, it was a 30 year battle, and twice I nearly died.
I don't care what Hubbard says here---he's basically putting down Dr's and always did.
It's ASSumed one *should* be able to "Handle" (Fix) any physical condition, either with auditing, or "Ethics". Ya...right.
Tommy Davis: KMA~

The above is in reply to the Scios asking me over and over if I listened to Hubbard. Yes, I did. He wrote me and said, "Continue in the HGC (getting auditing) and we'll see you up the line once Epilepsy is fixed" (After I was thrown out of their Sea Org, for being on medication). You KNOW from Dianetics up to OT 7---he speaks of "The tech" and how with it, one SHOULD be able to "Fix" any condition. You deny it? SAY IT HERE.
It's so funny that she writes "you deny it? SAY IT HERE" since she banned the poster she is asking to post there!

Now let's see what she writes more closely:
"I was "in" C of $ for 30 years....and fought the entire "Church" re medication.
In 1972 she sent a letter to Hubbard questioning the action of an unqualified staff to force her off her medication and sent her off staff with a huge freeloader bill. Hubbard canceled the expulsion order and told her to get back online!

In 1989 she claims that she appealed the decision of a 15 years old boy to prevent her from doing her OT4 on Flag Land Base. The Senior C/S International allowed her to be audited and to take her medications. Not only that, but a policy was written and the entire Flag Land Base was sent to cramming for their errors in saying she could not be on medications.

What better proof is there that the CoS is NOT against people getting the necessary medication to deal with their seizures?

However, is she saying any of this to the press currently? Read her lies here, here, and here. She is not saying any of this. She is focusing on a small part of the whole story and gives the impression that the CoS is systematically preventing people to take their medications.
"Yes, I made an affidavit saying I FINALLY won, and the entire "Flag Land Base" was corrected on their confusions re medication."
The Flag Land Base was corrected (if we assume all this to be correct) in 1989. Between 1972 and 1989, for a period of nearly twenty years, she was allowed to be online and on staff, going all the way up to OT3, all the while still being on her medication in full view of everybody!

So it is false for her to claim that she "finally" won, as if the 20 years before and 10 years after just did not exist.

Besides, if true that the Flag Land Base was corrected, where is her testimony that now Scientology has been supposedly corrected on that? Why is she giving a totally different picture to the press, claiming that the CoS engages in preventing people from taking their medication?
"However, it was a 30 year battle, and twice I nearly died. "
The second time she "nearly died" was due to a decision that she and she alone took in 1979, with no prodding from any staff nor official from the CoS. She wanted to see if after OT3 she could do away with the medication. Claiming that "twice I nearly died" without mentioning this tiny detail is again trying to blame the CoS for something they had no part into whatsoever.

Now lets take a look at the entire paragraph:
"I was "in" C of $ for 30 years....and fought the entire "Church" re medication. Yes, I made an affidavit saying I FINALLY won, and the entire "Flag Land Base" was corrected on their confusions re medication. However, it was a 30 year battle, and twice I nearly died."
See? She gives the impression that she "Finally won" after she "fought the entire Church" in a "30 year battle" in which she "twice nearly died", and that during all this time she was not allowed to take her medication. She gives the impression that she was only allowed to take again her medication after 30 years. This of course is not true thruth. Not the truth at all!

It just is another lie, that adds up to the ones she is giving to the press presently, that now adds up to her censorship as she does not want people she is deceiving with her video to be disturbed by the facts.


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Magoo Censorship

The following message was posted on Magoo's youtube page:
Tory Christman claims that she was ordered off her seizure medication by the CoS but she forgets to say that such illegal orders were promptly overturned by higher CoS authorities, and that for the 30 years she was in Scientology she was allowed to take her anti-seizure medicine, as confirmed by her 2003 affidavit.

Tory Christman affidavit is the best proof there is that Scientology is not against seizure medicines where needed.

Google "Tory Christman" affidavit 2003
The message was deleted! So it was reposted, with request for Magoo that she comments the allegation. Her "answer" was to delete all such messages and ban the user!

Another poster confirmed that this is what Magoo does:
I too have had my messages either deleted or blocked by Magoo. Seems she only allows those who agree with her to speak.

I'm not a Scientologist but came upon her video, thinking it was one of genuine sympathy.but, instead, found a lecture to John Travolta.

She wrote to me saying that if I'd lost hundreds of friends then I would understand to which I replied on her comment page, that I'd lost enough loved ones to allow me to have empathy with a bereaved father, a quality her video lacks. In fact, thr video comes across as self-serving and pious, a lecture wrapped in the giuse of a sympathy message.. i asked how she expected John Travolta, a grief-stricken parent, to listen to her message, when even I find its timing sickening.

That message was deleted and I can only assume that all future posts were blocked. So much for free speech!
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Anonypubes - Trepassing and Vandalizing in Guise of "Peaceful Protest"

YouTube - Anonymous member covered in pubes runs into scientology building

What would you say if a half-naked nut covered in pubes suddenly enters your house or your office and spread pubes everywhere?

Yet, this is what Anonymous calls "peaceful protest".

Next time I hope they prevent the guy from exiting and charge him with vandalism and invasion of private property.

Check the video above.

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Box Office Predictions for Valkyrie

Now that the new set of movies for this week-end have come out, all the previous contenders have slipped down, though still going relatively strong.

So where do we go from now?

Erik Lomis, who oversees worldwide film distribution for MGM have said that "As the long holiday plays out, high-profile movies can expect to collect total domestic tickets sales of four to six times their first three-day weekend".

Valkyrie's box office result for the first three days was $21.5 million. Say five times 20 is $100 on domestic market alone. with $70 so far, and keeping up to speed in the tail of Marley, the film is slowly reaching that target.

Now this is telling nothing of the International market, where Cruise star power is way more considerable than in the US. To wit, even the "flop", "Lions for Lambs" achieved a stunning $50 on the foreign market, compared to only $15 on the domestic market. With a budget of only $35, that should leave Cruise enough to build a few more bunkers on that "flop" alone.

However, it is very unusual for a film to make three times the cash it does at home. More typically, it would be 2 to 2.5 times.

With this in mind, I think the film should relatively easily reach $200-$250 world-wide, not counting the benefit made through DVD and other sideline outlets. It wouldn't surprise me, though, if it would reach eventually $300 to $350, which would be stupendous.

By all means, even just $200 or somewhat less would be completely unexpected as a result for what was a very risky film from many point of view, and would be cause for celebration on the Cruise camp.

Tory Christman Has Gone Completely Nuts

Scientology ‘in denial’ of illness, says Travolta’s mentor - Times Online
"THOUSANDS of members of the Church of Scientology may be suffering from untreated mental and neurological conditions, according to a former follower who taught John Travolta, the Hollywood star."
Magoo's documented lie is now spreading to "thousands of members who may be suffering form untreated mental and neurological conditions". Where will it end?
"Sufferers are told to cure themselves with vitamins and saunas while it is denied that they have problems such as epilepsy or autism, said Tory Christman, now a fierce critic of the church. "
Tory was allowed to take her anti-seizure medicine for the 30 years she was online and on staff at the CoS, but that does not seem to disturb her in the least to claim that sufferers are told to cure themselves with vitamins while denied that they have problems such as epilepsy...

I am worried for Tory. I think she lost all sense of proportion and truth. Does it not disturb her even a little bit that such gross lies will come and bite her in the face once people find the truth about it?
"Christman left after suffering epileptic fits, culminating in a seizure which caused her to fall in the bath, knocking out her front teeth."
Untrue. She stayed another 30 years after this episode. Tory was told by an unqualified staff to stop her medication in 1972, according to her own affidavit. After L. Ron Hubbard himself partly reversed the decision, she spent another freaking 30 years online and on staff at the Church of Scientology. She certainly did not leave after suffering epileptic fits unless you want to completely blank out 30 years of active involvement in the CoS, going all the way up to OT7 while still allowed to take her medication...

It seems that Tory did indeed black out these 30 years... Incredible...
"Fellow Scientolo-gists refused to accept that she had a “real” illness, insisting that she work harder studying the teachings of the church’s founder, L Ron Hubbard, the science fiction writer, she said. "
That may or may not have been the case for the unqualified staff who may have told her that in 1972, but what she forgets to say is that this decision was reversed. What she forget to say is that another similar decision taken in 1989 by a 15 years old boy (!!!) was also reversed by the proper CoS authorities and the boy and his friends were sent to cramming.

I think that Mark Bunker, Tory's friend, should tell her to stop making this kind of allegations to the press, or better still, bring her to a psychiatrist urgently. This is forever going to follow Tory Christman, alias Magoo, and is going to discredit whatever else she said. She has gone completely nuts.

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Second Counter-Jett Missile Destroyed

I reported yesterday about the Counter-Jett missiles second wave.

The second such missile now is:

Leaked Recording of Scientology Founder Proves That Church Lied

Unfortunately for critics, it did not hit its target, because it was destroyed by a counter-counter missile as a correction published by the same news outlet. Again, it is worth to be quoted in full:

Response to False Allegations About Scientology

Published: January 10,2009
Letter to the Editor
Response to False Allegations About Scientology

You published a letter to the editor on entitled "Leaked Recording of Scientology Founder Proves That Church Lied".

In fact, the article never went down to quote where exactly it proves such. The author of this article makes all kinds of claims based on a lecture given by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, but fails to provide the exact quotes that supposedly disproves the Church of Scientology assertions. It only provides a general reference that in fact does not really say anything one way or the other. It didn't say "you must tell him to come off drugs", it said, "And then you come along as an auditor and you try to audit the pc and you tell the pc that he'll have to go off that drug". That's a comment about what another person might do, not a directive of what action to take.

The best proof that Scientology does not forbid the use of drugs for the treatment of seizure is the affidavit of Tory Christman that can easily be found by googling - "Tory Christman" affidavit 2003. Though this affidavit was initially made for accusing Scientology of putting people off from their medication, it ends up proving the exact contrary. Christman spent 30 years online and on staff, doing almost the complete Scientology "Bridge", while taking her anti-seizure medicine in full view and knowledge of all. Requests by unqualified staff that she stops taking them have been systematically over-ruled by proper Church of Scientology authorities, and by L. Ron Hubbard himself!

Scientology does not oppose the use of drugs like Depakote for medical reasons. It only opposes it when used to treat mental conditions. The author of this article simply fails to make appropriate distinctions between medical and mental conditions, as well as when the same drug is used for the treatment of physical symptoms and when it is used to treat mental conditions.

As for the claim that "Hubbard referred to epilepsy related terms as "gobbledygook", all L. Ron Hubbard says is that much of the medical jargon in general is incomprehensible for the lay man: "Now I've been using a lot of medical words here or chemical words really. Just don't pay any attention to them because they're mostly gobbledygook, and there's an awful lot of gobbledygook words." It does not in the least, as is hinted, means any disrespect towards people suffering of epilepsy.

The article assertions about autism are just as absurd.

Joey Travolta is not qualified to make a snap diagnosis of autism, nor can such a diagnosis be made through viewing a few minutes of a video footage. The process for diagnosing autism is complex and generally requires not just one professional, but often multiple professionals. No competent medical professional would just look at someone and make a snap diagnosis!

It is also false to claim that autism is not accepted by the Church of Scientology. The article does not provide evidence for such a claim whatsoever. Scientology may not agree with psychiatric treatment of mental illnesses but has not made any comment about autism, which, by the way, is not considered as mental illness by the medical profession themselves.

Nor does the article offer anything in evidence to its innuendos that a two years old was subjected to a dangerous level of niacin. It only indulge in unwarranted speculations to that effect, speculations that almost certainly are false knowing the obvious love the Travolta's displayed for their children..

Given what critics demonstrated by jumping in the middle of mourning comments with rumors (later on proven false) and heartless accusations towards the Travolta family, they are not very credible when they claim, as they do in this article, that the circumstance of Jett Travolta's tragic death should only be discussed with the utmost respect of the family.

This article only attempts to cover with a layer of apparent researches, pseudo-science, and a lot of obfuscations, the same kind of hatred and prejudice they engaged at the time, but even a superficial examination is enough to blow such a layer away.