Friday, January 16, 2009

Christian Pastors Embrace Scientology

Some Christian pastors embrace Scientology - "Two pastors who spoke recently with CNN explained that when it comes to religion, they still preach the core beliefs of Christianity. But when it comes to practicing what they preach in a modern world, borrowing from Scientology helps."

Tl;dr for now but potentially interesting.

Life in the Gray Field

From l.l.lipshitz:

"see, that's the problem. alot of people here see the world in black and white only. not me. i'm very grey."

That's the problem with people like me who see the good and the bad on both sides. It may be a bit boring. Possibly a bit very gray.

Make things very dramatic, very black and white, and it starts getting "alive".

That may be why we like Hollywood films. Easy to understand, and of course, the good guys always win. We know that! But still we get involved in the intricacies of the movie... Try to make the bad guy win and everybody would go back home depressed...

But, hey, you know what? Live is not a Hollywood film! And things simply are not that simple...

In real life, alas, sometimes the bad guy win. But then, are there really "bad" and "good" guys to start with? I don't think so...

See? I told you. Boring...

So if you get bored, stop for a while and look around you. That's where the colors really are. That's were life is. You may even want to switch off your computer and take a walk!

Jason Beghe Message to Anonymous - Grow Up!

New York - Jason Beghe to Anonymous: Grow Up - Runnin' Scared - Village Voice: "Since that game is over, they ought to create a new one."

I wrote earlier that I partly agree with Beghe when he advises Anonymous to drop their masks, but I also agree with him when he says: "Since that game is over, they ought to create a new one", and I think this new game is a deeper and more mature look into Scientology. I have been saying this for months already.

However, I still do not see that taking place. Quite on the contrary I continue to be aghast at the shallowness and cultishness of Anonymous. The last example, apart for the pubes, of course, is this one:

"Scientologists Targeting HIV-Positive Protesters" - Story spreading

And here we go!

Scientology Accused of Singling out HIV+ Protesters :: EDGE Boston
Scientologists Targeting HIV-Positive Protesters / Queerty
Scientology lobbying to restrict rights of HIV+ — Bearnaked Joe’s
$cientology’s unethical practices on its dissidents |

And some Scilon Spin-control

Another Look at Scientology: HIV+ Rumor Only a Rumor

In the blog entry referred to in this message above, I agreed that "If the CoS really obtained information from their private health records and were using this against them it would indeed be outrageous." but I questioned whether this has in effect been happening, and I cautioned against spreading a story based on rumors only.

What does Anonymous do? They call my blog entry "Scilon Spin-control" and then set out to spread the story without even having all the facts.

That's the kind of immature, childish, and cultish behavior I am talking about. They just don't care for the truth, as long as it makes Scientology look bad.

I thus fully concur with Beghe's message: Anonymous: Grow Up! If you can't switch to the higher gear, you will forever remain... anonymous.

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Anonymous - Show Your Human Side

New York - Jason Beghe to Anonymous: Grow Up - Runnin' Scared - Village Voice: "I think Anonymous should be very proud of what they accomplished. And they should know that the Church of Scientology is nothing to be afraid of. Maybe their next game should be 'Naked Anonymous.' And I don't mean take your pants off. I mean take your masks off. Show them that you're not afraid."

Beghe is partly right. Anonymous should take off their mask when they speak to an individual Scientologist, but they cannot take off their mask when they protest, since the mask has now of sort become a trademark and symbol of Anonymous.

I myself launched the idea on Dec. 11 of "Operation Drop the Masks" but also qualified the idea on Dec 12. when I saw that what I wrote was partly misunderstood. I think indeed they should drop the mask, but I realize that this is not possible at this stage when they protest.

So, the above seems like a good compromise. Anonymous could keep their mask while protesting Scientology, the corporation, and could put down their mask when they need to show their human side.

I think there's a kind of poetic message in that, somewhere...

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Ingo Swann - Father of Remote Viewing

Who Is Ingo Swann?: "Ingo Swann is the father of remote viewing. Swann developed the protocol for and conducted the first-ever remote viewing experiment, and coined the term for it in 1971 while working with researchers at the American Society of Psychical Research in New York."


Greasy Vandal in Hate Crime Arrested

Greasy vandal in hate crime vs. Scientology: "Mahoud Samed Almahadin - the name he gave cops - tossed a number of books around, then smeared the petroleum jelly on a TV set, shelves and himself during the incident at the W. 46th St. Scientology center last week."

This refers to the incident I reported on Jan. 10, and in which I wrote "Next time I hope they prevent the guy from exiting and charge him with vandalism and invasion of private property."

Well, they did not need to restrain him, as he was foolish enough to boast about it on the Internet and so could be traced.

I think there are two interesting aspects here:
  1. The tendency of Anonymous to post their "peaceful protests" misdeeds on the Internet.
  2. The tendency of Anonymous and Scientology critics to cheers and support such acts (at least a fair amount of them).
Here are three other examples, unrelated in their gravity but who all have the two elements above.
  1. Angry Gay Pope posting his harassment of a young Scientology lad for two hours, something for which he ultimately earned a restraining order.
  2. Pekka-Eric Auvinen, responsible for the Jokela school shooting that occurred on Nov. 7, 2007, posting on 4chan his intent to do it " in the name of anonymous" and encouraged in his act by his fellow anons who even cheered him as it happened in direct.
  3. Tory Christman Magoo posting a video in the wake of the emotions generated by the Jett Travolta tragedy and in which she is blatantly lying, supported and cheered by critics.
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Waterboarding Is Torture

The Associated Press: Obama's AG pick breaks from Bush on torture, GTMO: "With just three words, Attorney General-designate Eric Holder capped years of angry debate over U.S. counterterrorism policy and declared a major break from the Bush administration."

Certainly a very welcome change from coward hypocritical idiot incompetent Gonzales.

Still, somehow, it reeks of too little too late... Will the US ever be able to make up for all the wrong the Bush administration has done for eight looooong freaking years ? I wonder... It certainly is not going to be overnight...