Thursday, May 29, 2008

Personal Information

You will remember that a group calling itself "The Regime" was the source of furry on the part of Anonymous when the said Regime counter-attacked them in the midst of Anonymous hacking Scientology web site. Apparently The Regime published today a video naming Anonymous. The video is supposed to be on one of page but was apparently removed because "the videos contain personal information of others". This is somewhat ironic knowing how Anonymous loves to post personal information about those who disagree with them, and even has a whole "rogue gallery" posting personal information of Scientologists.

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Jason Dohrin

Interview with Jason Dohrin, second generation Scientologists and celebrity.

Free Online Courses

Who said everything in Scientology comes for a fee? Here are some online courses you can do for free.

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Sofia Milos

Sofia Milos, apparently a Scientologist, will receive this year's Award of Excellence at the Banff World Television Festival.