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Truth Seeker is an excellent "critic" - alt.religion.scientology | Google Groups
"[...] New guy shows up to ask an innocent question. Everyone jumps on the poor sap: "We all see through your evil schemes, undercover OSA op!!!"

I'm reminded of some of the more fanatical Anonymous videos where innocent bystanders are accused of being undercover Scientologists. That takes some hardcore paranoia to video yourself hassling ordinary people only because they happen to be within a few blocks radius of a Scientology church.

A guy completely unrelated to any of it happens to walk by an Anonymous protest. What do the "moral" protesters do? They call the poor guy insulting names because they just ~know~ he is a secret OSA op trying to sneak a peak under their masks."

Muslim Cults Redux

AntiCultControversies : Message: Re: Muslim Cults:
"[...] Unfortunately, most Christian literature about Islam and most Muslim literature about Christianity are biased. For now, I can name only one book which is not biased - "A Muslim and a Christian in Dialogue" by Badru D. Kateregga and David W. Shenk. One of the authors is a Christian, the other is a Muslim. They present the main concepts of their religions. BTW, they are friends, and their discussion is very kind and peaceful.

"[...] No Christian will rely on Muslim literature about Christianity as the only reliable source about Christianity. In the same way, I think the most reliable source of information about Islam is what Muslims write for Muslims.

[...] I have seriously studied Muslim theological literature, including:
1) 8 Russian translations of Koran (some of them with comments);
2) 2 Tafsirs (Koran commentaries) ;
3) several books of hadiths, including the most respected Sahih Al-Buhari and Sahih Muslim (hadiths are stories about Muhammad which consist Sunna which is the second source of Islam after Koran);
4) several books on Aqida (Muslim dogmatics) and also many other literature.

[...] There are
too many myths on both sides. I do not think debunking of these myths is the purpose of this group. However, those who are interested in discussion of these things can contact me privately."

Shallonymous' Abuse of the Law

I sometimes disagree with "Tom Newton" but he is really good at catching up Shallonymous abuses.

The video hosted on this page (like the one on the other Newton page I blogged about today) is another video about which Shallonymous boasts about, when in fact it again demonstrates that what they do has little to nothing to do with "peaceful protests", and it even features a non-Scientologist passer-by who tries to make them understand that their masked farce is not welcome. The fact that he may have been a bit drunk indeed does not remove the validity of his opinion, only that it makes him bold enough to tell it to the masked face of Shallonymous.

I have to agree with Tom that the close up filming, provoking, and mocking on Youtube of the reaction of people they provoked is just harassment and stalking - and it's not funny. It may be "legal" (at least in the US it seems, not in Europe), but it really is just an abuse of whatever rationale is behind that legality.

"'How would I react if I were outnumbered five to one by a group of strangers in creepy plastic masks, who started following me and videotaping my every move?'"

WELL DONE ANON! Saving Dusty the Cat

For once I am 100% with Anonymous - and note that this is not Shallonymous of Scientology fame (these are too busy fighting imaginary enemies to do any such good in the world) - these are the original 4chan anons. This guy was torturing cats and published his deeds on Youtube. Anons tracked him down and within 24 hours got him charged.


Kenny Glenn The Animal Abuser - Encyclopedia Dramatica:
"Quicker than you can say Chris Forcand, Anonymous was able to track down the perpetrators, alert the local authorities and get the fucktards in custody after the local police verified that Anon's crack detective team were indeed, right on the money. Dusty the cat was liberated and turned over to a local vet for a check-up and some catnip and maybe even some pussy."

The Gullibility Test

Now this is an interesting video, albeit not for the reason it has been webbed.

OK - it's a mildly amusing parody. But what I find interesting is at the very end. The two persons they try to involve in the parody turn out to be actual Scientologists! And again, contrary to what Shallonymous tries to portray, they are friendly and tolerant to the whole sketch, even though it apparently has been ran in front of the org..

Scientology Gullibility Test « THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV

Manufacturing Enemies

"Their original issues have been so clouded up by sensationalistic conspiracy theory and unreliable apostate testimony that it's nearly impossible for the public to even relate to Anonymous.

Their attempts to take their Internet gossip to the streets is often met with hostility and resentment. People are increasingly put off by the masked protesters with their invasive use of video cameras and offensive "bull-baiting" comments.

[...] There are hundreds of such incidents as these, in which Anonymous provokes and videotapes heated responses in order to convince the public that they actually have a reason to protest (they don't). They are manufacturing an enemy because there really isn't one."

Katie Holmes Italian Style

Italian gossips about Tom and Katie losing weight, but a nice pic of Holmes in a Pierrot outfit :-)

Problemi di peso per Katie Holmes. Si teme l’anoressia | BlogGente

Princess Suri valentine's Day with Mickey

Princess Suri Finally Meets Those Aliens Dad Always Talks About” at The Insider
"Tom surprised Katie & Suri with a Valentine’s Day Disney Extravaganza at Walt Disney World where Suri was dressed like a fairy princess. "

Pirate Bay Assaults Scientology's Ship

You would think that the Pirate Bay, currently in the news for a law suit being brought against it in Sweden, would have its front page with something relevant to the suit. Not at all. For some strange reasons, they elected to dedicate their front page to Scientology, with a pic and a link that lead to loads of Scientology-related documents.

Interestingly, the Swedish suit is not filed by the CoS!

Download music, movies, games, software! The Pirate Bay - The world's largest BitTorrent tracker

Mom Sues CoS in Son's Death

The mom of non-Scientologist Kyle T. Brenman, 20, who committed suicide on Feb. 16, 2007, is suing the CoS and three parishioners for wrongful death. The three parishioners are Denise Gentile, the twin sister of David Miscavige, her husband, and Kyle's father, Thomas Brennan.

The lawsuit claims Gentile and her husband persuaded Kyle Brennan's father to take away Kele's Lexapro, which he was taking for depression and anxiety, and which led him, the suit claims, to shot himself with a loaded .357 Magnum that he found in his father's apartment.

The suit is being brought by attorney Ken Dandar, well-known for his extended legal battle against Scientology during the Lisa McPherson case.

Mom sues Church of Scientology in son's death - St. Petersburg Times:

CLEARWATER — A mother has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Church of Scientology, its Flag Service Organization and three parishioners, claiming they brought about her son's death by denying him access to his antidepression medication.

Among the three parishioners named as defendants: Denise Gentile, the twin sister of the church's current worldwide leader, David Miscavige, as well as her husband, Gerald Gentile.

The lawsuit stems from the death of Kyle T. Brennan, 20, who shot himself in the head on Feb. 16, 2007, in Clearwater, while visiting his father, who is a Scientologist.

[...] Filed in Tampa federal court Friday, the lawsuit claims Gentile and her husband persuaded Kyle Brennan's father to take away his Lexapro, which his son was taking for depression and anxiety.

The suit, which also names Thomas Brennan as a defendant, states that the defendants tried to put Kyle Brennan into a Narconon drug treatment program.

Kyle Brennan was not a Scientologist, the suit states.

The suit is being brought by attorney Ken Dandar, well-known for his extended legal battle against Scientology during the Lisa McPherson case. McPherson, a 36-year-old Scientologist, died in 1995 while in the care of church staffers in Clearwater.

Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis said the lawsuit is an attempt to "draw the church into something that we don't have anything to do with."

None of the Scientologists named as defendants were church staff members, he said. They were all just parishioners. And Davis emphasized that the events took place on private property without church involvement.

Even Narconon, the drug treatment program that uses L. Ron Hubbard's teachings, is a separate entity from the Church of Scientology, he said.

Still, the case draws attention to Scientology's opposition to psychiatric drugs like Lexapro, which it deems to be mind-altering.

The Web site for Lexapro warns users not to go off their medication suddenly, even if they are feeling better. Changes in dosage, it says, can cause patients on antidepressants to worsen their depression, show signs of mood changes and exhibit thoughts of suicide.

Before his death, Kyle Brennan lived at home in Charlottesville, Va., where he was attending college, Dandar said. He was in the second year of a liberal arts degree when he left school and traveled around the country, Dandar said.

Kyle Brennan made a number of stops, going as far west as Hawaii, but in February 2007 he found his way to Clearwater, to stay with his father, whom he hadn't seen since the summer before.

Dandar said Kyle was taking a 10 mg dose of Lexapro, which he descried as "moderate." It was prescribed for him in early 2006 to help him with depression and anxiety.

He continued to use the drug while staying in his dad's two-bedroom apartment at 423 Cleveland St. in Clearwater, Dandar said.

But a week into the stay, Denise Gentile and her husband prevailed upon Kyle's father to take away the Lexapro medication and lock it in his truck, the lawsuit alleges.

While Scientology spokesman Davis said Denise Gentile was not in any authority position at the church, the suit alleges she had the title of "chaplain" and was held up as an authority of sorts on helping families with emotional matters.

The Gentiles and Brennan also phoned Britton, the young man's mother, to try to persuade her to put Kyle in Narconon, the lawsuit states.

The mother, who is not a Scientologist, was adamant that she and her son did not want anything to do with the drug treatment, the lawsuit states. She insisted that her son be put back on Lexapro.

The medication remained locked away, the suit states.

On Feb. 16, 2007, just after 11 p.m., Kyle Brennan shot himself with a loaded .357 Magnum that he found in his father's apartment, the lawsuit states.

His father found him dead, his head slumped in a laundry basket.

The lawsuit said it is unclear how he got ahold of the gun, but it blames "one or more of the Defendants."

"They locked up his medicine, but not the loaded .357 Magnum. That's the story line," Dandar said. "I think that's the case."

Thomas Brennan did not return a phone call left on his voice mail. Neither Denise nor Gerald Gentile could be reached for comment.

Relate blog entries: R-KyleBrennan-

The Saga of Anne-Marie Lizin

Anne-Marie Lizin, Belgian Independent Senator and anti-cultist is in trouble and offered her resignation as Mayor.

In Dec. 2007 she used local government agents to distribute fliers for her election campaign and publically called "prostitute" a member of her office who confirmed the facts.

In Oct. 2007 an investigation of the regional hospital of Huy, of which she was the Administrative Council President, suspected unjustified expenses possibly linked to her credit card.

Her party's Committee on Audit wanted to hear her about it but she claimed she could not go because she was recovering from surgery - the same day as she participated in a television debate about Guantanamo! Her party was pissed and suspended her.

The local government then started a disciplinary procedure again her. The only way Lizin would be able to avoid having to answer the investigation would be to resign - which she just announced last Monday!

Not to be outdone, she also announced that she will be a candidate for the next local elections! She will also remain independent Senator.

Ironically, she qualifies the legitimate objections about her behavior as a "witch trial of the XXIth Century".

In French:

La saga de Huy, étape par étape, jusqu'à la démission d'Anne-Marie Lizin -- RTL info


En décembre 2007, un journaliste dénonce un comportement illégal : lors de la dernière campagne électorale, des agents communaux distribuent des tracts pour faire la publicité d’Anne-Marie Lizin. Jusque-là, rien d’anormal. Or, l’enquête du journaliste révèle que ces agents communaux ont distribué ces tracts durant leurs heures de travail. Une journée de distribution de tracts revenait donc aussi chère à la communauté qu’une journée prestée à la commune. En ce qui concerne cette affaire, Anne-Marie Lizin dit à l'époque ne pas être concernée : "C’est le secrétaire communal qui gère les relations employeur-employé", avait-elle rétorqué.

Par après, Micheline Toussaint, (première échevine de Huy et sorte de rivale d’Anne-Marie Lizin) se fait traiter de prostituée par l’ex-bourgmestre de Huy… Anne-Marie Lizin n'a pas supporté que Micheline Toussaint confirme que les agents communaux aient effectué un travail illégal. L’enquête conclura enfin que les agents qui ont distribué ces tracts étaient en réalité en congé lors de cette distribution, mais qu’ils ne l’avaient pas annoncé à la commune.


En octobre 2007, le Centre hospitalier régional hutois est perquisitionné : la justice soupçonne l’utilisation abusive des cartes de crédit de l’hôpital, et notamment celle d’Anne-Marie Lizin alors que celle-ci est présidente du Conseil d’administration de l’hôpital. Le montant ? 37.000€ dépensés en 4 ans et injustifiés.


Anne-Marie Lizin doit alors être entendue devant le comité d’audit du PS, qui se demande ce qui se passe. Mais elle dit ne pas pouvoir s’y rendre, car elle est en convalescence, et vient de subir une opération lourde. Or, Au même moment, elle participe à un débat télévisé en France à propos de Guantanamo. Elle provoque ainsi la colère du PS, et Elio Di Rupo, la suspend momentanément du PS.


Il s’agit d’examiner les dépenses, pour infirmer ou confirmer les soupçons. Mais Anne-Marie Lizin annonçait lundi en exclusivité sur Bel RTL démissionner de son poste de bourgmestre : la procédure disciplinaire sera arrêtée dès que la démission de l’ex bourgmestre sera officialisée.

Lizin jette, temporairement, l'écharpe mayorale hutoise - Belgique - Actualite - Le Vif/L'Express

La sénatrice-bourgmestre de Huy, fragilisée depuis plusieurs mois par des accusations visant son utilisation de la carte de crédit de l'hôpital de Huy et suspendue par son parti, se dit victime d'un procès "stalinien" de la part du Parti socialiste.

Dans un entretien accordé à "La Libre Belgique", elle dénonce la procédure que le PS a mené contre elle. "C'est un procès de sorcellerie au XXIe siècle", déclare-t-elle. Tout était d'ailleurs écrit à l'avance. "Ma santé n'a pas été pour Elio Di Rupo, un argument suffisant pour attendre, c'est clair.", a-t-elle affirmé.


Pour autant, la démission d'Anne-Marie Lizin ne signifie pas qu'elle tourne le dos à la politique. Elle a, en effet, annoncé qu'elle sera candidate lors des prochaines élections communales et que d'ici là, elle resterait sénatrice indépendante.

Fort Harrison Hotel and Flag Building Renovations

The Scientology-owned landmark Fort Harrison Hotel is shrouded in scaffolding as it gets gussied up in a $30 million renovation project started in April.

Updated electrical and communication systems, three commercial kitchens, two catering kitchens, a poolside bar and a tea lounge are among the renovations.

The article also contains more stuff about Scientology-owned real estates in Clearwater, written in a confusing manner, as well as quoted praises about the CoS cooperation in the real estate area.

Church of Scientology spiffs up Fort Harrison Hotel, plans interior work on Flag Building - Dallas Business Journal: (full article)

CLEARWATER — The largest building downtown and its little sister are hard to miss.

The Mediterranean-revival Flag Building occupies an entire city block. It is connected via an overhead walkway to the landmark Fort Harrison Hotel across the street to the west.

The Church of Scientology owns both, and each is in a phase of multimillion-dollar construction.

The hotel is shrouded in scaffolding as it gets gussied up in a $30 million renovation project started in April.

Looking from outside, the Flag Building appears nearly finished. However, the exterior shell of the church’s new world spiritual headquarters hides from view interior work necessary to complete the gigantic building after construction began nearly 10 years ago.

When these projects and others planned are completed, the Church of Scientology will own about 2 million square feet in downtown Clearwater. The Scientologists thus are an obvious presence in the commercial real estate arena.

“They are a major force downtown, and they take good care of properties they own,” said Laura St. Clair, senior consultant at Colliers Arnold and a member of Clearwater Downtown Partnership’s advisory board. “They are a draw and create tremendous opportunities.”

Arnold Brown Properties LLC, an affiliated business that has dealt with the church to amass property downtown, owns the northern portion of what is known as the “Super Block,” which is bounded by Osceola Avenue, Fort Harrison Avenue, Drew Street and Cleveland Street near the waterfront. Arnold Brown plans to eventually build a mixed-use development on the site to tap into downtown’s revitalization.

“The church has been extremely cooperative, and we have a great working relationship with them,” St. Clair said. “We continue to invest downtown. It is coming to life.”

The church estimates that a daily average of 1,600 students and parishioners will use its new Flag Building once it is completed.

The facility will employ about 1,200 people.

Staubach Co., an international construction management firm founded by football star Roger Staubach, is overseeing the interior design and build out.

Construction documents for the project are in the permitting process, said Lisa Mansell, the church’s downtown liaison.

The church recently hired Hardin Construction Co., an Atlanta-based general contractor with offices in Tampa, to complete the Flag Building, Mansell said.

The long-awaited completion is expected late this year.

The rejuvenated Fort Harrison Hotel is expected to open this spring, Mansell said.

Nova Hotel Renovation & Construction, a company with offices in Florida and California, is the general contractor for the hotel project. About 350 construction workers are employed.

The renovation includes a full resurfacing of the hotel, which was built in 1927. About 100,000 square feet of new carpet are part of the renovation.

Updated electrical and communication systems, three commercial kitchens, two catering kitchens, a poolside bar and a tea lounge are among the renovations.

The hotel also has been brought up to strict standards for hurricane safety, Mansell said.

The church has spent millions of dollars on real estate improvements that benefit the city economically, said Elliott Ross, president of the Ross Realty Group in Clearwater.

Yet the few office buildings downtown struggle to lease space, and some major companies have moved to other areas along major traffic routes, he said.

“It’s not necessarily a business friendly environment downtown,” Ross said. “There are access challenges and not much lodging. It’s been hard to lease there because it’s just not a business core anymore.”