Sunday, May 25, 2008

The White Rose

Anti-Scientologists have loads of videos hailing the Anonymous movement as a courageous stand against oppression, like when they compare themselves with the German White Rose movement who stood up to Nazi Germany in 1942. They don't realize that there is a HUGE difference between the two. The White Rose movement was that of a minority who put their life on the line against an oppressive majority. The Anonymous movement is that of a the majority stalking a minority.

Wassa Madda Wit You, Hat

Wassa madda wit you, hat. Musical montage of various LRH pics, videos, and famous sayings, from a critical perspective.

Jason beghe Not Celebrity Enough?

Jason Beghe, the first celebrity Scientologist who noisily defected may be a celebrity but apparently he was never considered celebrity enough to appear on on the Celebrity Scientologists blog as can be seen checking back up to 2004 through the Wayback Machine. He may have appeared through other Scientology media though.


Usher is reportedly the latest celebrity to jump aboard the Scientology bandwagon.

Texas court made brave ruling on FLDS kids

Legal analyst Susan Filan agrees with the Court that taking the children away from the Yearning For Zion Ranch on spurious anti-cult claims was wrong. She writes:
"Without proving immediate harm, the seizure of virtually all the children is merely a condemnation of this religious sect for their beliefs ... Religious beliefs cannot be the basis for governmental child snatching. Rather, that is a prescription for religious persecution."