Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nearly Blind

Tory, Magoo, vocal ex-member and opinion leader of anonymous, has chosen a rather fitting nick, as Magoo means "nearly blind".

Anonymous Against Free Speech

Another illustration of anonymous sense of "free speech". Scientologists are distributing their own fliers to counter anonymous fliers. Some anon get on their back with a big "lying" sign. Note also the title of the thread "Scilons pose as Anonymous" when in fact he was in plain clothes and as himself.

No Mention of Implosing Thread

Week in review 26 is out and not a single mention of the thread that nearly made implosed, in which they edited posts without the knowledge of the original poster and used an SP list to feed false information to people on the list.

L. Ron Hubbard in the Guiness World Records

Having out-sprinted popular American novelist Sidney Sheldon and best selling British children’s ‘magic’ writer JK Rowlings to enter the Guinness World Records as the most translated author in 2005, Hubbard has added a feather to his cap in 2006 as most published writer, having sold more than 233 million copies internationally with 19 New York Times best-sellers; Guinness World Records certified him as the world's most published author with 1084 works exceeding the record held by Brazilian author Jose Carlos Ryoki with 1,058.

Cat Thoughts on Definitions

Scientologists like to define words. This is what one of their cat think of this.

Kathy Griffin Mistatement

Kathy Griffin makes bad taste Scientology jokes during her sketches. In this statement she shows that she has things badly mixed up as Scientology is quite contrary an oppressed minority she pretend to defend:
"I love messing with the Christians. I love messing with the Scientologists. I love messing with anything that is politically correct. The reason that I gravitate toward the gay community is that . they are unified and mobilized and they are writing laws and getting laws passed. But, at the same time . more so than any other group, they have such a great sense of humor about themselves. When you are part of an oppressed minority, you have to laugh."

UK Response to Critics

The UK government has given the only possible response a responsible government could give to a petition by critics asking legislate against the movement:
"In our approach to religious groups, the Government must seek to balance its responsibility to protect vulnerable individuals with the UK's long held commitment to freedom of worship and belief. The Government does not consider that it would be feasible or appropriate to introduce specific legislation or regulation of religious groups, their activities or their beliefs. There would be considerable difficulty in drawing up legislation in a way that did not interfere with the individual's right to choose their beliefs and lifestyles so long as they do no harm to others. There is also no obvious way in which legislation could deal with cases where adults participate in activities of religious organisations entirely voluntarily."
Watch here how critics are infuriated at this rational response and seek ways to still induce the UK into a discrimatory mindset..