Saturday, July 12, 2008

Anonymous Increasingly Blocked from Protesting in Front of Orgs

More and more anons are prevented to protest in front of the CoS buildings:
  • Amsterdam:
    "We're moving to Beursplein, because the surrounding stores and restaurants at the Org are unable to draw in customers during our raids. We had a very nice chat with most store owners as well as the police and mutually agreed it would be best for everyone involved if we GTFO'd to a location where we can properly party."
  • Toronto:
    "We are no longer allowed to protest in front of the Org, and we must now do so from across the street"
  • Los Angeles:
    "The cult and the LAPD have effectively blocked Anonymous from picketing across the street from the Big Blue location. In fact, they have blocked off a 2-block swatch entirely around L. Ron Hubbard Way forcing Anonymous to picket 3 blocks away at the subway station, corner of Sunset Blvd. & Vermont. "

Anonymous Stalks Chick Corea

Anonymous stalks a Chick Corea concert in Paris (for his beliefs in Scientology). Loads of anons cheers as they boast about it and congratulate themselves about "Much flyers, much enturb of some $cilons."

Catherine Bell

"I’d read that she and best friend Jenna Elfman are both Scientologists. Does it bother Catherine to be asked about Scientology? “No, I don’t mind at all,” she said, refreshingly candid about the somewhat controversial subject."

Daily Argus Hamilton

"John McCain began seriously considering possible GOP vice presidential running mates during the Fourth of July weekend. There's an added interest in the job due to his advanced years. John McCain needs someone who is ready to take over on Day Two."