Saturday, July 5, 2008

Comparison to Ingrid Betancourt Rescue Unwarranted

Jeff Jacobsen compares the truly fantastic rescue of Ingrid Betancourt from Columbian rebels with the stealing of the OT III documents by Robin Scott because in both cases they impersonated insiders and played on the lack of internal communication. While this is true, one needs to keep in mind two fundamental differences that makes the two events in fact non-comparable.

  1. The risks involved in the rescue of Ingrid Betancourt were extremely real, whereas the risks involved in stealing the documents were almost nil in comparison.

  2. The rescue operation of Betancourt was to redress an extremely wrong situation were an innocent woman has been kidnapped and held in horrendous inhuman conditions for more than six years, whereas the operation conducted by Robin Scott aimed to steal documents that rightly belonged to the CoS.

Freewinds Sailing Again Better than Ever

The Freewind had been stuck to port due to an asbestos problem. This greatly rejoiced critics who considered this event an "epic win". The CoS, however, fixed the situation with such a speed and efficiency that let critics astonished. In a dedicated thread, anons are let with expressions such as:
"damn, and I was hoping they'd scuttle the deathship"

"I am not an expert, but this seems almost impossible in the time frame they had."

"There is no way in fucking hell they managed to clean that ship in time. "
In fact, not only has the CoS cleaned up the asbestos, it also used this opportunity to completely renew the interior. The 20th Maiden Voyage Anniversary event was held on the Freewinds this past week and the four upcoming events will be shown as per this link at all the local orgs.

Speculations about Excalibur

Anonymous has yet another thread full of speculation rather than hard facts, this time about Excalibur, the elusive work of L. Ron Hubbard that never was published and remains a mystery. They then jump from there to the "Admissions", supposedly written by L.Ron Hubbard too. Since the forum is moderated, there are no dissenting voice to point to the fact that these Admissions are in no way authenticated, and they based their whole discussion on the false assumption that LRH indeed wrote them.

In an ironic twist, one anon realizes that "The Crowd", work by Gustave Le Bon that resemble the little we know about Excalibur, "has a disturbing resemblance to the idea that is Anonymous". Indeed, since, in spite of all their boast, the anonymous phenomenon is hardly more than an ignorant crowd mentality reflected through the Internet singularity.

Operation Freakout Never Executed

RoadRunner reminds us that Operation Freakout was never executed. This has already been debated to death by Diane Richardson in 1997. Operation Freakout is yet another old and debunked myth Anonymous uses to justify its crusade against the CoS, without even realizing that it was nothing more than something that existed on paper only.