Wednesday, June 25, 2008


FAIR, the UK anti-cult group has a website, as does the International Cultic Studies Association, with some potentially interesting papers about fanaticism and the fact that each side may be softening up their respective approach by inviting "cult apologists" to their conferences:
"In the late 1990s a dialogue began between a handful of critics and sympathizers (much credit goes to Dr. Eileen Barker for initiating this dialogue). This dialogue has resulted in many private conversations (personal and e-mail) and talks at the “other camp’s” conferences. ICSA conference speakers in recent years have included Nancy Ammerman, Dick Anthony, Massimo Introvigne, Phil Lucas, Gordon Melton, Burke Rochford, and, of course, Eileen Barker. These exchanges have, I hope, caused at least some of us to revise our thinking about contentious issues."

Sympathy for Scientology

Passer-by feels sympathy for Scientology upon watching angry Anonymous protesters in front of building. Good article. SP List

Another illustration of love for free speech demonstrated by anon on its web site. In addition of arbitrary banning from moderators towards dissenters, they also ran a script that would give some IP false information and redirect the query, maintained an "SP list", and edited posts without the posters knowledge and consent, among a variety of other complains. These were only corrected when pointed to by certain posters and when threatened by massive defection. Read details of the miserable user script to get an idea on how some anons think "SPs" should be punished.

Anonymous Self Definition

Anonymous definition of itself - note that their claim they have no leader is not true. Check out "Wise Beard Man" for one, he at least is an opinion leader.