Thursday, July 10, 2008

Scientology Increases Its Foothold in Sussex

The Church of Scientology is planning to increase its foothold in Sussex. The controversial organisation, which is not recognised as a religion under British law, paid £3.6 million in October last year for a disused distillery in Manchester and in 2006 opened its £23 million London headquarters in Queen Victoria Street.

Dedicated Anonymous provide Support to Groups Lacking in Numbers

Numbers of protesters now are so low that
"dedicated anonymous persons travel for 7 hours to provide support to those groups lacking in numbers"
Note also down the thread of this article that one of the anon they are going to meet there may be a dubious character.

Scholars Criticize Scientology

Scholars, often defamed as "cult apologists" by critics are in fact very good at criticizing cults as well when they get their mind to it. Here is an a very good critic of Scientology by two Scholars, Bromley and Cowan.

How It All Began

4Chan is one of the main channels where Anonymous protest against Scientology found its origin. This archive page from 4chan shows how it all began...

Evan Wecksell

Evan Wecksell (celebrity Scientologist) takes His Comedy To TV And Radio.

Myth 2.0 Page about the Freewind

Myth 2.0 Page about the Freewind

OT9 and OT10 May be Released

Together with the refurbishing of the Freewind, the CoS also hints it may release of OT9 and OT10 to be delivered aboard.

Critical Article from

This critical article from is a bit above the average the typical of rabid critical. The author has at least made some research and does not present Scientology beliefs as the Xenu story.

Daily Argus Hamilton

This news reserves the right to quotes even off-topics news-jokes from Argus Hamilton :-) Here:
"The Group of Eight leaders gave a toast Monday with sake cups worth a thousand dollars apiece. They are made of wood, rimmed with gold and inlaid with mother-of-pearl. The reason they're so valuable is that each cup is filled with unleaded premium."

"President Bush met with reporters in Tokyo Sunday with Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda. Everyone was very tense. An international incident was avoided when President Bush did not try to pronounce his name on camera, and just called him Buddy."