Sunday, August 3, 2008

Anonymous Supports Discrimination in Germany

By it's own creed, Anonymous should be against the German discrimination towards Scientology, and in fact should even demonstrate masked against it.

It has been obvious however, through various signs, that this is not the case, and that Anonymous in fact supports that discrimination.

To now make this completely clear and un-mistakable, one should see how they boast and cheer about the fact that they have been invited at an official anti-Scientology event by the anti-Scientology group lead by Ursula Caberta.

Check out the news announcement (together with the supporting comments) and the thread in about it.

It just goes to show that the members of this dying movement (Anonymous) have no clue whatsoever and that their protests, through mere lack of any sophistication and any quality researches, are doomed to fail.

I still maintain that Anonymous makes a major mistake in associating themselves with government oppression towards an unpopular religion, and this cheering at an official invitation is a further nail in their coffin.

Organized Religions Lag Behind Scientology on Internet

This opinion article claims that Scientology web sites, with their sophistication and the fact it offers a personally test that relates to young people needs, is more potent than what traditional religions have currently. It claims it had to develop this sophistication as a result of negative articles from the media.

It is a pretty weak argument. People may check the CoS pages but if they check the Internet they will also see floods of negative information about Scientology. I am not sure that the sophistication of CoS pages alone can make people forget that flood of negative information, but the thought is an interesting one.

Scientology approach towards the media, and this would include the Internet, is never defend only attack. By that, it means it does not argue with opponents but just dismiss them on the whole. I must admit Scientology critics themselves do a good job of discrediting themselves through the gross claims they are making. This may indeed make people who see through their propaganda vulnerable to Scientology arguments.

I still don't think this is what is happening on the whole but a good case could be made that it is possible, at least in some cases.