Saturday, May 31, 2008

Voluntary Donations

Most critics don't try to cash in from their criticism. Some, however, try to do it. One notorious example is that ask for donations. Another is a website claiming to help Scientologists be reimbursed from the CoS, and asking a "voluntary donation of 10% of what people get back.

Anonymous Stalking Scientologists with Loudspeakers

This video initially shows the reaction to some incident involving a Scientologists. However, later on, it shows the kind of "peaceful protest" some anons hold - it has nothing to do with peaceful protests anymore, it simply is stalking and verbal assault on the beliefs of individual Scientologists, including pursuing them with insults down the street using a loudspeaker. Later on, a stressed Scientologist, trying to leave, hit a car, which provokes the hilarity of anons who then blame her for her lack of OT powers. This later video is a sequence that, for some reason, has been cut off from the first one and published separately later. All in all a most disturbing and unpleasant video, that reflects badly on anonymous.

FLDS Backfires

FLDS raid appears to have backfired