Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Over 9000 Anon March - Epic FAIL

Anonymous was to hold the "Over 9000 Anon March", a big rally on July 19, that would have been a national and international event gathering thousands of anons in what was supposed to be an apex in months of hard work by Anonymous. Some of the very low statistics for US cities on the July 12 protests were explained away as people preparing for the July 19 momentous event.

The event did take place but it was a pathetic show with an estimated less than 200 anons attending. This, of course, goes hand in hand with the spectacular crash in numbers during the monthly protests. Interestingly, critics are now trying to make it a sort of OSA crime to even discuss the low numbers.

Mother of Weapon Children Clarifies

The mother of the children who were prevented to enter a Subway shop together with other anons posted a clarification in ARS following some posters questioning the practice of using children as a weapon. In it, she claims that she did not know about the "no anonymous" sign until she reached the shop. Giving her the benefit of doubt I am going to believe her, but it remains that the indoctrination of these little girls (visible at the beginning of the video were they have to hold antis sign and at the end where they spout whatever is told them) is quite sickening, together with the exploitation of the incident of course.

Ironically, in an another attempt to defend herself in another forum, she highlight this indoctrination even more. Indeed, she writes:

"For example, at this very moment, a little girl is next to me, making fun of this whole argument. She is laughing. She is holding up a bottle of shampoo in one hand, and a bottle of conditioner in the other. They are talking to one another:

SHAMPOO: “SCIENTOLOGY IS BETTER! I go on first and wash the brains!”

CONDITIONER: “ANONYMOUS IS BETTER! I leave the children smart and shiny!”



**Shampoo and Conditioner fight**"