Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hip-Hop Web Site in Racist Attack

Hip-hop Web sites and were forced to temporarily suspend access to their sites on Friday after being targeted this week by anonymous.

Anons followed their usual policy in such circumstances:
"when it's bad, it's not us, when it's good, it's us"
Unfortunately for Anonymous, their bible (Encyclopedia Dramatica) is replete with racist comments, which they present as "satires". If you still have doubt about this, just read Anonymous own page about SOHH, that goes into quite some details as to the motive and modalities of these attacks. Also take a look at the Nigger Manual to see if their brand of "humor" fits yours. has an interesting description of Anonymous, calling them a "racist pricks," who are incapable of moving beyond the "bullshit racist language that angry sexless middle class white kids use all the time."

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