Friday, July 4, 2008

Anons Increasingly Ignored by Scientologists

Anons are increasingly getting quietly ignored by Scientologists.

Anonymous didn't manage, in months of widely published protests, to change a single thing within the CoS or make a single Scientologist blow.

The protests were meant to decrease the number of Scientologists, but what is occurring in fact is that it is the number of anons that are quickly decreasing.

This post reports how Scientologists are just quietly sitting outside, in the midst of protests, maybe just getting their lunch break.

Observe the answers in the thread that claim Scientologists are "ordered" to this or that, as if they had no volition of their own and could only be ordered to do things like a robot. The photo on its own already belies such assertions.

In spite of the prodigious patience they display, however, Scientologists sometimes react not in an appropriate manner, as in this example when a Scientologist slaps the mask of an anon who was mocking him as he was cleaning up insulting inscriptions anon had been writing on the sidewalk in front of the Org.

Anons of course repeatedly try to provoke such incidents so they can claim clams are evil and they are the good "guises" who do nothing more than peacefully protest.

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