Friday, July 18, 2008

Anonymous discusses "Using Youth as a Weapon"

On July 9, 2008, Anonymous started a thread on titled
"TIP: Using Youth As A Weapon"
I did not put that much attention at the time but two incidents that happened a few days after this thread makes me wonder in which way that idea didn't find its way in the mind of some anons.

The first one is an incident where Anonymous forces their entry in a Subway shop hosting a
"No Anonymous"
sign, using three masked children. The argument was "why do you deny the right of these small children to buy ice cream?", and the incident was further exploited in outraged titles about "Scientology harasses little girls".

The second incident happened slightly later, in which critics were successful to get the management of mall in the UK to ban the CoS from its premises on the (unsubstantiated) accusation that the stress test was offered to children, something the CoS denies.

See below for details of these two incidents.

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