Friday, July 11, 2008

Another Example of Gross Propaganda on the Part of Anonymous

Another example of gross propaganda on the part of Anonymous and outrageous stalking. They write:
"Apparently forgetting their harmonious public image, the Scientologists got nasty - and a bit violent - with the activists. An Anonymous member sent over an explanatory video on Scientology’s anti-gay agenda and some footage from the pride battles, including when Scientological leader Yvette Shank telling the activists “we can find out where you live.” Eeks!"
Now watch the video they provide and you will find that this is not at all what happened. Quite on the contrary, Yvette Shank was extremely friendly, motherly even, towards the protester.

This is the exact conversation that took place:
YS asks a protester why she is not wearing a mask

Anon: "It's quite warm outside and I'm honestly not afraid because I highly doubt you guys can find me."

YS: "Not only that, we wouldn't even bother. We wouldn't. We could find you, just so you know, we could. If we wanted to."
Look at the tone in which this is being said - the whole think is friendly and non-threatening - exactly the opposite to what Anonymous want us to believe.

Now look further in the video and see how Anonymous grossly interferes with Scientologists' right to propagate their beliefs, dancing in front of the advertisement panel, etc. This is sheer and pure stalking.

Quite on the contrary, the Scientologists display an amazing amount of patience and tolerance towards anonymous' protests. Anyone else would have already beaten the shit out of them.

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