Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gorman Bullies for Lerma Too

One should not be surprised to see Tommy Gorman in bed with people like Magoo and Lerma. In this post, Fluffy girl reminds us how Gorman enforced the ban of people Lerma did not like, for no better reason that they do not share his fanatical anti-Scientology views, and also how Gorman kept on bully her in OCMB:
"They can start with his tendency to libel people he does not know and to make assumptions about them. Arnie placed Tommy Gorman in charge of Factnet's Scn subforum(Arnie and Wolly are evidently friends) and Tommy immediately threw off everyone Arnie told him to, which, IIRC, was Tigger, UMike and myself. The grounds were that those individuals were supposedly mean to his friend. Yeah, that's a great reason to do that, sure. It's very Cof$-like.

Then, as a topper, Tommy posted a vile accusation about my husband and myself (that we are "perverts") on OCMB because of my husband's humorous and critical JPGs about Scn. I told him OSA didn't like the JPGs and he all but called me a liar.

He then informed me that I didn't like his commentary because "The truth hurts-LOL" to which I responded that he hadn't actually posted any truth regarding this and that anytime he'd like to get around to posting some truth, I'd sure like to see if "it hurts-LOL".

Personally, I think that he's got a learning disability of some sort or has some mental problems or both. He spent a lot of time spamming the hell out of the "your story in Scn" section of OCMB before they assigned a moderator.

I know people who've met Tommy Gorman and really liked him but I've not had the opportunity to encounter anything likeable.

He'd have far more credibility with me if he didn't attack other critics. My guess is that he doesn't like whomever Arnie tells him not to like. That's exactly why he did what he did on Factnet and OCMB.

It's sad when people leave the cult and still cannot think for themselves."

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