Saturday, July 12, 2008

Anonymous Increasingly Blocked from Protesting in Front of Orgs

More and more anons are prevented to protest in front of the CoS buildings:
  • Amsterdam:
    "We're moving to Beursplein, because the surrounding stores and restaurants at the Org are unable to draw in customers during our raids. We had a very nice chat with most store owners as well as the police and mutually agreed it would be best for everyone involved if we GTFO'd to a location where we can properly party."
  • Toronto:
    "We are no longer allowed to protest in front of the Org, and we must now do so from across the street"
  • Los Angeles:
    "The cult and the LAPD have effectively blocked Anonymous from picketing across the street from the Big Blue location. In fact, they have blocked off a 2-block swatch entirely around L. Ron Hubbard Way forcing Anonymous to picket 3 blocks away at the subway station, corner of Sunset Blvd. & Vermont. "

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