Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Anonymous Getting Ready for the Aug. 8 Big Opening Day

August 8 is the big day for Anonymous. No, I am not referring to the Olympics. I am referring to their claims that they basically will resume their hacking-style attacks against the CoS on that date. They call this "Phase III".

Phase I was supposedly their first wave of DDOS attack against the Scientology web sites, their Pizza prank calls, and the rest in the 4chan panoply. Phase II was supposedly their waves of massive protests. And now Phase III, well, we will see.

In the meantime they are putting their artillery in place, as can be seen by this post in ARS. It asks people to keep a certain page open in the background, it supposedly being the "Chanology Phase III live update page". In reality it contains code that apparently will unwittingly turn your computer into a relay point for DDoS attack.

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