Sunday, August 3, 2008

Anonymous Supports Discrimination in Germany

By it's own creed, Anonymous should be against the German discrimination towards Scientology, and in fact should even demonstrate masked against it.

It has been obvious however, through various signs, that this is not the case, and that Anonymous in fact supports that discrimination.

To now make this completely clear and un-mistakable, one should see how they boast and cheer about the fact that they have been invited at an official anti-Scientology event by the anti-Scientology group lead by Ursula Caberta.

Check out the news announcement (together with the supporting comments) and the thread in about it.

It just goes to show that the members of this dying movement (Anonymous) have no clue whatsoever and that their protests, through mere lack of any sophistication and any quality researches, are doomed to fail.

I still maintain that Anonymous makes a major mistake in associating themselves with government oppression towards an unpopular religion, and this cheering at an official invitation is a further nail in their coffin.

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Tom Newton said...

See, the thing is this. Germany banned a corporation from operating withing it's country limits. Any country can do that (ie Enron, WorldCom, etc).

Nothing is censored, you can still buy the books, it's not illegal to own them.

The reason for banning was simple. The Corporation of Scientology is replete with motivations and directives that strike very close to the Nazi Regime. And the country that knows this and can feel it's sting much sooner than anyone is Germany. Hence the ban.

Even though I'm rather sure you won't publish this comment, I felt maybe a discussion point could be made.