Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Power of Lulz

The new August 16 protest of Anonymous seems to be called "The Power of Lulz", and is sub-titled "Anonymous takes back chanology".

The way I interpret this is as follows: Anonymous tries to boost up the dwingling numbers by getting back to its chan roots, do it for the lulz, and "takes back" the channel after the Tory/Magoo incident.

There is something ironic in promoting lulz and at the same time promoting Scientology with accusatory signs of "Scientology Kills", backed up by conspiracy theories....

Anyway, that guy on the video above really can dance and it's a fun video, and the music is nice too.

By the way, I believe that dancer is MGB, the guy who was manhandled by Tommy Gorman and who was at the origin of the whole Tory/Magoo debacle. Now that's a prime pick for leading the "take back chanology" theme of the Aug. 16 protest...

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