Friday, August 8, 2008

Tom Cruise Regaining Fame?

A few weeks ago I read some rave reviews of "Tropic Thunder", a Hollywood satire by Ben Stiller in which Tom Cruise plays the role of a fat, bald, and vulgar head of a movie studio.

In spite of the negative publicity Cruise enjoyed of late, the reviewers of some pre-view festival were unanimous in their praise, with shouts of "Cruise steals the show".

Then nothing until a new article that sings the same tune:
"Yes, I am praising Tom Cruise, kids. Let’s put aside the Scientology and the Nazis for a minute."
"Tropic thunder" will open on August 13.

Another praise of Cruise I read recently, and with which I would agree, was for his stunt at the start of Mission Impossible II:
"Whether or not it was stunt-doubled, Tom Cruise's rock-climbing exploits at the beginning of Mission: Impossible II are undeniably impressive. When he does his final flip on the rockface and looks directly at the camera, I always freak out that I'll get instantly converted to Scientology if I stare into his eyes."
The stunt is available on YouTube and can be seen here.

I must say I do like Cruise as an actor, notwithstanding his religious preferences. I also like his choice of films in general, which I find of taste and quality, along that of Dustin Hoffman, another of my favorite actors.

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