Friday, November 7, 2008

RIP Anonymous?

The next protest is scheduled for November 8, 2008.

However, with, the organizing and reporting arm of Anonymous, being down since the end of September, and with, its replacement, being down since November 3, it is unclear how anonymous will organize the November 8 protest, and how it will report its many “Epic Epic Epic Amazing Epic Epic Epic Wins”.

Attendances for the September and October protests have already been dismal, with just a few hardcore OG and anons showing up.

The repeated demises of anon’s organizing and reporting arm, together with their less than significant attendance, the general disinterest of major media, and anon's own internal power struggle, may signify the end of a movement that made headlines at the beginning of the year and quickly went downhill after the initial enthusiasm.


Monica said...

Although you and I have had many disagreements in the past, I agree with you about Anonymous. I have to say that as an ex-Scientologist, after the Minton fiasco and now this, I share your concerns about the fanaticism of some former and anti-Scientologists who do not seem to be able to get themselves out of the mindset of a fanatic. I have written about this on my blog:

Thankfully, Anonymous appears to be a short-lived fad rather than the movement it is claimed to be although I have to wonder what form the fanaticism will take next. Based on what I've read in various discussions, there do, however, appear to be a small group of hard core true believers who do not want to be bothered with any facts.
By the way, their claims about increases in media, even at their peak have turned out to be false. I did a search on LexisNexis and found no increase in the amount of press Scientology got, pre or post Anonymous, although even if there were, there may not be such a thing as bad publicity.

Bernie said...

Hi Monica,

Nice to hear from you. I followed with interest your recent posts to ARS, especially the discussion about the change in ICSA that seems to take a very interesting direction. Once voided of the potential danger inherent in the mind-control theory that leads to forcible deprogramming, a joined investigation of the cultic mindset and indoctrination (with which I agree and about which I have written on a new page at by moderates on both sides could be very interesting. I remember that Introvigne made some move in this direction too which I webbed at

I did see your interesting post about the lexis search and commented on my blog about it at

I am glad to see that some headway is being made on the cult issue where I still believe contains potentially powerful resources in the middle ground. though we did disagree in the past on some issues, I always found you to be a gentle and intelligent character, the sort of people we need to go out from the hole fanatical anti-cultists are gradually digging out for themselves. So keep in touch and thanks again:-)


PS1 - your link does not come out as a link. Unfortunately you need to use HTML in the comment box for that. Here I do it for you:

PS2 - One "Don Carlo" is making an "analysis" on OCMB of my anonymous pages. It is about as silly as the one he did about my pages in 2003 and to which I had no time to reply. Now that I have time to reply on that new thread, the admins of OCMB do not seem to want to allow me in - which is a bit ironic in view of the fact that Don Carlo has invited me to participate in such threads in the past and in view of the fact that this is supposed to be a discussion forum, plus it's all supposed to be about free speech, right? Do you happen to have the e-mail of that Don Carlo or Roan?

Monica said...

Hi Bernie,
Good to hear from you as well. Re ICSA, I attended the conference. There was a very interesting talk from someone who went through a very traumatic deprogramming in a session called The Anti-Cult Cult. It was interesting to see the change in attitude that so many now have, that they are open to having a speaker on this topic. When she tried this at a CAN conference 20 years ago, her views were squelched, so there is some progress.

Re OCMB, yes, I have been following that thread as well and have been reading the "analysis" of Don Carlo. I don't know how to get in touch with Don Carlo or Roan, other than through what is on OCMB and ARS.

It is interesting how "Don Carlo" and his friends nit pick on minutia and miss the big picture. They obviously see you as the equivalent of an "SP". Also interesting, is the double standard. There have been so many times that critics of Scientology have commented that there are no black people involved, when that statement is utterly false, and yet no one called them on it.

One other thing I wanted to make you aware of. John Brown has a blog on Anonymous and has put together a timeline. He is looking for people to provide more information and I see you have much of it on your website. Here is his blog:
He has been moderating the comments for obvious reasons. While I can certainly understand that choice, I chose not to moderate the comments on my blog because some of the responses I've gotten are, in and of themselves, good information about their group dynamics.

Bernie said...

Monica! What an excellent resource this blog from John Brown! Thanks a lot! I will definitely make a blog entry about it in the near future.

I am also moderating comments but mostly because my blog for some reasons does not allow me to delete comments other than mine so I filter them before end. I only stopped one comment so far which was a spam and allowed all other comments, including those I strongly disagreed with, because, like you, I believe they are interesting as being part of the group dynamic. I rarely answer to comments but anyway I did not get a lot of them so far.

About the black Anonymous - two of the four pages Don Carlo refers to and claims as being mine are not mine at all. Another Look web page is mine and Another Look blog is mine. The other two he claims to be mine (Scientology Myth 2.0 (belonging to one Scientologist going by the name of Louane) and Anonymous-is-a-hategroup (belonging to somebody who claims to be Tom Newton but isn't)) are not mine at all. This is just one of Don Carlo inaccuracies and I have no way to correct them since as of now I still have no access to the forum.

Therefore I have nothing to do at all with this claim about black Anonymous one way or the other as it was not done by me but (I believe) by the Anonymous-is-a-hategroup blog, that Don Carlo falsely claims is mine.

roan said...


You may contact me at and I'll see if I can assist you in getting an account.