Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Epic Sword Guy

"Mario was a friend of mine for a time and some. Let me enlighten you all a little about the guy. Mario was brilliant. Not just an intelligent guy, but the kind of down right scary intelligence that most just gawk at."


Mario refers to Mario Majorski, the guy who got shot in front of the Celebrity Center by security guards after wielding two Samurai swords at them. There seems to be quasi unanimity between pros and antis to the effect that 1/the shot was justified as self-defense and protection and 2/the guy was nuts.

However, I found that the above-referred to article brings something interesting in the cast, and that is, that before "falling well off his rocker", Mario seemed to be an exceptionally bright character. His case reminds me somewhat of that of Philip Gale (brilliantly documented by Mark Ebner) who had an obsession with jumping off high buildings.

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