Friday, December 26, 2008

A Scientology Christmas

Well, the following, posted today by a Church of Scientology Organization, is not precisely what I would call a good message.
We are the hope of man. The only hope. ... Mankind’s salvation lies within our hands.
Of course every religion, almost, think it holds the exclusivity on salvation. But really... not my cup of tea!

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Only Love Can Do That said...

Yes what's so odd about it is they have so little PR sense. I mean it's extra odd because when you start to read all the high-level stuff you realize how much of it doesn't even have a religious flavor to it, it's all this stuff about PR and business management. You'd think they'd be good at PR, how they obsess about it.

Catholicism, of course, bless their conservative little hearts, they believe that all gay people are damned to eternal fire, and abortionists and suicides, and, hell, masturbators. They think they've got the only path to salvation, and they think that their Pope dude is literally always right, even though their new one was a friggin Nazi Youth. But they really are masters of PR! They don't talk about a damn thing during Christmas except peace and goodwill. They understand that 99% of PR is shutting up and letting it blow over.

Scientology though, they're always stirring, stirring, stirring the pot. They can't even talk about Christmas without accidentally saying something obscene about psychiatry or something. It's kind of odd, actually.