Friday, July 25, 2008

Tommy Gorman Assaults Anonymous

Tommy Gorman is an angry Scientology ex-members and a thug whose offensive action against individual Scientologist can be seen in this video.

Gorman has now turned his "special skills" against some anonymous members themselves and they are not happy about it. Indeed, at the instigation of Tory/Magoo, he physically threatened an anonymous and his family.

Rather than apologize, he was proud of what he had done and issued more threads towards other anonymous for the upcoming protest in August.

A summary of the initial thread in enturbulation can be found here.

Note also the dishonest reporting by Tory Magoo. She dismissed the abuse as just a "serious talk" and tried to turn the reason Anonymous is angry with her as the fact that the anon member apologized - not the fact that he was physically manhandled by her personal thug.

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