Saturday, January 10, 2009

Carice van Houten: How I learnt to Love Tom Cruise for Valkyrie

Caprice van Houten stars as Nina, the loyal and long-suffering wife of Cruise's German colonel Claus von Stauffenberg - the mastermind behind the failed plot to assassinate the F├╝hrer in July 1944. Here is what she has to say about Cruise and Scientology:

Carice van Houten: how I learnt to love Tom Cruise for Valkyrie - Times Online: "She will later add, for the record, that Cruise was a perfectionist, a pleasure to work with, and that the rumours of German political opposition to Cruise himself were unfounded (the German Defence Ministry was allegedly reluctant to allow filming of Valkyrie on military sites because officials view Scientology, Cruise's belief system, as a cult). “Nobody on set was talking about that, and it didn't feel like a topic that was relevant to anyone who was making the film,” she says."

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