Saturday, January 24, 2009

German Ban on Scientology Initiated Dec. 2007

On Nov. 22 I reported that Germany dropped its pursuit of a ban on Scientology. This may have seen as the outcome of a decade long decision, and some even speculated as to whether this lax attitude may have been in exchange of Cruise positive portrayal of German resistance in his recent film Valkyrie.

I now find out that the origin of this attempt to ban the movement is not decade long. It was initiated exactly on Friday Dec. 7, 2007. The article even mentioned "autumn of 2008" as a deadline, which corresponds to the Nov. decision above.

What is more, it can be seen from the article that back then already, politicians and Government agencies spokesmen warned that they may not fin enough evidence to ban the movement.

It remains true, however, that the lack of evidence mentioned in 2008 does not date back to 2007 but is the result of a decade-long observation by the Agency for the Protection of the Constitution (the equivalent of the British Special Branch). The specific intention to ban Scientology, however, was only about 1 year-old when it was killed in the egg.

Lack of Evidence: Agencies Warn Scientology Ban Doomed to Fail - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International

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