Friday, January 2, 2009

The Modus Operandi of Mystery

L. Ron Hubbard. Philadelphia Doctorate Course 24 What's Wrong With This Universe - A Working Package For The Auditor.
You will notice the modus operandi of mystery in this universe. You see, it doesn’t happen to be a pattern for all universes, fortunately, but the modus operandi of mystery is simply to hide nothing.

Lord Dunseny tells one of the most wonderful stories about a monastery which was scheduled to fall one day, and this monastery was up on a high hill and there was a rumor and a legend had gone forward for many centuries that on a certain day the monastery would fall. And uh… the day came, and one of the peasants in the valley walked up to the monastery and walked in the front gate. He was quite astonished to find no guards on duty because the guards were back in a corner of a courtyard weeping because that day the monastery was scheduled to fall.

And so he walked on through to an inner chamber and he was not stopped because all of the guards there were weeping ‘cause the monastery was scheduled to fall that day, and he walked on into an inner sanctum and an inner sanctum sanctorum sanctorum plus, and uh… finally came down unguarded corridors to the largest central room of this entire place where the mystery of all mysteries of all mysteries was kept, and here behind, at the far side of the room… obviously, the mystery was behind these huge black curtains, and he walked over and he looked at the curtains and he thought, „Well, it’s a very adventurous thing to do,“ but the monastery was scheduled to fall that day, so he adventured to do it. And he reached up and he pulled the curtains down and there was nothing there. And the monastery fell that day.
Comment by Check Xenu:
What happens when Pre-Clears pull down the curtain? Dianetic Clear
You mocked up your own reactive mind.
What happens when Pre-OTs pull down the curtain? Operating Thetan VIII
- You mocked up your own past lives.

Hubbard went to a lot of effort to hide nothing, convince people it was really something, and get them to pay to discover it was nothing to begin with. The weird thing is how he confuses them so badly that by the time they pull down the curtain, they are ready to accept the nothing they find as if it were something valuable... well... at least until their "psychosomatic ills" return.
You know, the definition of a Static is ... nothing!

And the aim of Scientology is to bring you back to this Native State...

So there... You are warned right from the very first axiom of Scientology ;-).

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