Monday, January 26, 2009

More Information on Travolta's Extortion Case

Still clouded in mystery, but this additional information kind of makes sense. I doubt a Senator and a friend of Travolta would get involved in such an extortion attempt, and at such a time.

Wilchcombe Outraged by Extortion Claim - "Here's what's interesting. Wilchombe says the attempted extortion was committed by 'one single individual.' It appears he's talking about EMT Tarino Lightbourne, who we're told is still in custody. [...] Sources tell us Wilchcombe maintains Bridgewater got wind of the extortion attempt and told him so he could pass it along to Travolta's lawyers. Wilchcombe told Us Magazine he 'did a noble thing' by giving Travolta's people a heads up."

Perez Hilton: Travolta 'Friend' Tied to Extortion Plot Speaks Out: "Apparently, the information was passed on to him early last week by another suspect in the extortion case, former Bahamian senator Pleaseant Bridgewater.

'She knew I was close to the Travolta's,' says Wilchcombe. 'She wanted to bring something to my attention.'

When asked if he sought compensation for the tip off, he exclaimed, 'Never once, asking for anything! Never once, expecting anything! This is ridiculous and absurd. The Travolta's are suffering, it's just outright foolish. Never did I ask for anything, no one can say that. We had a friend in my country who lost a son. It was one single individual [who tried to take advantage of the family], the Bahamian people have been very kind to the Travoltas.'


We can't wait to hear what Pleasant, the woman who put everything into motion, says in her tell-all interview!"

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