Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hackers Hijack Obama's Twitter Account

Hackers hijack Obama's, Britney's Twitter accounts

Obama has a Twitter account? That sounds odd. How would he find the time to update the minutia of what he is doing? And how would that not be a potential security breach, people knowing what he is up to and where?

Twitter's veracity chewed up by Britney's four-foot vagina • The Register
"They were hijacked by miscreants and used to spread scandalous and false information that appeared to come from their owners. [...]

A confession from pop celeb Spears that her vagina was four feet wide "with razor sharp teeth." [...]

Miscreants used the compromised identities to spam additional Twitter users who followed the account holder. [...]

CNN anchor Rick Sanchez, for instance, was caught staying home from work because he was too high on crack."

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