Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Real Self Help Web Site

Real Self Help

This is a web site done by a Scientologist going by the name of "Fred Hare". Here is his bio. I found it through a page claiming miracle helping to heal a broken leg.The practical self help orientation of the web site, using Scientology, of course, could be interesting for people to have a practical idea of what Scientology is. However, most pages just refers to books. Did not read it in detail, though, so there may be a thing or two of interest there.


Tigger~2 said...

Both links "bio" and "broken leg" seem to go to the same page, where I can't find any mention of a
broken leg. But somehow I think the "broken leg" cure has to do with a "touch assist". I've seen Travolta, Cruise and other Scientologists claim the same or similar "cures".

How he got into Scientology (Communication Course)
and two hours of staring has been said to put someone in some sort of trance state of euphoria and acceptance. As I recall....Robert Kaufman described the same mind bending in his book.

Where is the real proof that Hubbard's methods work?


Bernie said...

Oops - sorry. My mistake. Here the link to the broken leg should work now. All thanks to the touch assist of my keyboard and mouse!