Saturday, January 3, 2009

Why Was He Called Jett?

John Travolta has a passion for airplanes. His 6,400 square foot mansion is designed to resemble an airport terminal. The house is at the end of a 1.4 mile runway from which Travolta can take off in his fleet of private jets.

Travolta is a qualified pilot and has flown for the Australian airline Qantas when not fulfilling his Hollywood commitments

Such is his enthusiasm for aviation that he persuaded his wife to name their son Jett.

Of course, he also called one of his five aircrafts "Jett Clipper Ella", and his Florida estate "Jett-Bleu", in honour of the 16-year-old lad and his daughter Ella Bleu, eight.

Just two years ago John survived an air drama aboard his personal plane when he was forced to make an emergency landing on a flight from Germany to New York. His Boeing 707 (photo above) suffered engine problems and he had to divert to Ireland's Shannon Airport. Cool Travolta grounded his 34-seater and continued his flight home on a commercial airline.

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